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March 30, 2023 2 min read 1 Comment

Not all toys are made equal!

Not all dogs, or toys, are made equal. It's really as simple as that!  Dogs will have different strength when it comes to chewing, they'll enjoy different things and some will be able to destroy what others cannot.

It really is that simple!

Where does that leave pet parents?

Firstly, you need to workout what toys your doggo likes, and, what is appropriate for them. When it comes to super tough toys, it's easier to break dogs into two categories.

Under 6 months, with puppy teeth

Young dogs have soft gums, soft (but sharp) puppy teeth and they should not have toys that are too hard. The major risk is damaging their teeth and gums, so avoid toys like nylon and stick to latex, rubber and soft toys.

Super soft toys like the Nuggle Bone, Nuggle Ball, Nuggle Heart, Nuggle Larry the Lobster, make a great soft teething toy. These toys aren't tough, let's make that distinction, but not all dogs need super tough toys. They're great for dog's that suckle their toys and gently chew.

Puppy ranges of toys are also specifically designed for puppy chewing, like the Puppy Can Toy. It's softer and squishier, but still has a level of slight toughness.

Toys like our Firehose for dogs range are great options too, and will allow you to play tug of war with your dog too! Coming in several options like Rainbow Firehose (our most popular), the Stars Firehose,

Over 6 months, with full adult teeth

You might now just have scored yourself a power chewer! Doggo's around 6months have their adult teeth, and they're still teething! This joins to make a chewing force that has to be reckoned with. We don't recommend our Nylon range of toys until dogs have their adult teeth.

The Nylon range are simply too tough for puppy teeth, and you risk damaging both the puppy teeth and gums when they're so young.

Some of our top picks in the Nylon range are the Nylon Headstone (thick, flat), the Nylon Pull Tab (an interesting shape), the Nylon Mod Wishbone (fun and tantalising), Nylon Pipewrench (a top 3 by orders!) and the Nylon Coffee Cup (cute and tough).

There is something for every dog

The most important take away from this, is that there is a toy out there for every dog! Dogs love to chew, it's natural and we should all encourage it!

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Melanie DOWNEY
Melanie DOWNEY

October 14, 2023

I have seen one of your non spill pet bowls at a dog trial but it is not on your sites. How do I buy one?

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