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FREE PlushMat! colour sample!

FREE Colour Sample for the PlushMat! Range:

When ordering a luxury bed from our range, we understand there are a lot of fabric options to choose from, and with more being added all the time, samples can simplify the decision making process as can a colour description.

Our dog bed covers are made out of the same high quality fabrics prestige couches and boutique venues utilise and our dog bed covers are proudly Australian Made.

Add to your order, or, use code SAMPLE if only ordering colour samples to get free postage. Choose 5 Only!

We'll give a brief summary of our luxurious fabric options below:

Fabrics explained:

Mildly textured:

The mildly textured fabrics are a happy point between the velvet-like and textured fabric, Fire Red. These blend sophistication with a mild hint of texture.

- Hamptons Blue. A stunning option that mimics the classic Hamptons theme, this colour is beautiful, rich and appears to be a coastal home's dream.

- Sun kissed Orange. The sun has never looked so good! Have you ever looked at the night's sky to see an orange glow? That's what this gorgeous, deep orange reminds us of. This colour would suit any home but particularly those that love a splash of colour!

- Static. We call it Static, many would call it Salt & Pepper! This stylish fabric is combines the best in black, with spots of grey and white. Ultra modern but not imposing, this fabric would suit any home.

- Green Apple. This beautiful yet cheeky green reminds us of a fresh green apple. It looks incredible and offers a pop of colour that your home may just need! It's a vision to itself and we love it paired with black piping for a classy finish.

- Salmon. A personal favourite of ours Salmon is a rich salmon pink colour, with flecks through it that mimic scales. This slightly textured fabric is ultra modern and classic at the same time. Our recommendation? Go for it!

- Cow Print. This fabric almost doesn't need a description! This fabric is a print of a cow, and we love it! It's incredibly lux and looks great paired with all of our piping colours. A must for those animal print lovers!

- Zebra Print. The second animal print that we offer, Zebra print is a stunning animal print option. Predominantly black and white, this print incorporates shades of pink (which may not be visible on a computer screen). This is a sensational fabric!

Velvet like fabrics:

We have an extensive range of velvety fabrics which are ultra luxurious. Don't let their extremely soft texture make you think they are weak, they are still commercial grade.

They are beautifully soft, with no texture due to their cut pile - giving no opportunity for hair or dirt to stick to the fabric. Simply shake or vacuum the bed to remove hair. We recommend these fabrics for dogs that drop lots of hair.

- Scarlet. An eye catching beautiful regal colour. It is a deep red that is classy and sophisticated. Great for homes that have black, white or contemporary themes.

- Jet Black. The Black is a deep Black. It's suitable to any home decor and can be quaint with black piping, or a feature of your house with white piping.

- Mallard. A gorgeous turquoise green, the Mallard is our most popular colour. The texture combined with it's appearance makes it a favourite among our customers.

- Indigo. A defined dark navy blue that is suitable to every home decor. Whilst distinctive, the Indigo matches most colour palates and suits an older style or contemporary home.

- Regal Purple. Perfect for anyone that loves dark purples. Regal Purple is just that; regal. It's elegant and sophisticated and is stunning with both white and black piping. The contract with white is eye-catching, whilst with black piping the subtly of the bed is not lost in a home setting.

- Vandalised Black. A take on vandalism or heavy painting, this fabric is incredibly stunning. In fact, we have both vandalised options in our own home. This fabric not only looks incredible, but it'll hide almost any and all mess too! Splats of paint abode on this fabric.

- Vandalised White. The contrasting twin to Vandalised Black above, it's the exact same print but with white replacing the black primary colour. This is another stunning fabric and is more attuned to dogs who don't get quite as messy as mess will eventually show up on the white!

- Indigo Zebra. Looking for something quirky, something stunning and a little bit animal print but with a fashion stamp too? This ultra lux printed fabric is extremely similar to the Indigo fabric above - adding Indigo Zebra as a topper is an amazing combo!

- Mallard Zebra.Just like Indigo Zebra above, we this print has the same Mallard colour as the main block with a Zebra pattern through it. Simply stunning!

Textured fabrics:

Textured fabrics They are exactly the same feel as textured couches, our customers are often pleased they can match their dog's bed with their couch! Our textured beds feel great and are amazing!

- Fire Red. An enchanting red with orange and black specs, perfect for a red, orange or dark themed home. This colour is stylish and contemporary, and looks great with black and white piping.

Cotton fabrics:

Our Cotton fabrics are 100% natural cotton. No other fabric or material, they're 100% natural cotton! Excellent for those breeds that need hypo-allergic products, sleep hot or cold or you just want them to have an entirely natural cover! Be wary that 100% natural cotton can and will stain easier than our other fabric options.

- Deniim. This colour is simply gorgeous. It's a beautiful neautral colour that's understated but sophisticated and isn't pretentious in any capacity. Make it modern with Black Piping or make it swish with purple piping. The choices are yours!

- Gunmetal.A grey that's sleek but also luxurious, this ultra-modern colour that is just divine! Strictly limited amounts of this fabric left.