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About Us

Thanks for stopping by our About Us Page! We're Rover Pet Products - an Aussie, Hunter Valley, New South Wales, family owned and operated manufacturing and distribution business!

We've got an online store, a showroom attached to our Factory and stockists across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and so much more!

We're true blue proud Aussie manufacturers. We make our orthopedic beds the TuffMat!, PlushMat! and PlushMat! Plus and our calming dog beds, the Kloud9 and Kloud9 Teddy. It's why we love posting behind the scenes content, because there's really no other companies that make locally now - but close to a hundred that claim too!

This Is Us:

This was our team in September 2023 Patricia, Natalie, Bryan Josh, Kim Tammy and our fur baby, the boss, Lulu!

The faces you see here are all the faces behind the products we make, the orders you make and we pack and the late night product inquiries!


Here you can see Josh on the tools, making one of our orthopedic beds!


Josh making our orthopaedic dog beds

We mark, cut out, sew - we completely make our beds! They're our designs, they're true and tested. Almost every company that claims Australian made has their covers made in Asia and puts a filling inside, not us, we do the entire process here - ensuring quality control and our guarantee of 100% non-toxicity.

We're also the Australian & NZ distributor for SodaPup tough toys - which are the best available chew and interactive toys on the planet! They're all 100% made in the USA - and all of the chew toys come with a 30 Day Replacement Guarantee!

We launched our Get Home Safe Collars & Leads in 2017. Our collars & leads are fully personalised, being machine embroidered with dog's name, owner's phone number and other additional info as required.

More about our products!

We source as many materials as we can locally and our focus on providing quality, long term dog beds is what drives us.

We often hear that the quality and diversity of our products is a game-changer, we simply want every dog to enjoy their own premium bed!

Introducing Rover SleepTech:

  • Rot-resistant
  • Mould-resistant
  • Anti-microbial - Nasties such as fleas and germs can't live in it
  • Extremely supportive and doesn't flatten out under larger breeds
  • Doesn't retain smells due to its characteristics
  • Internal filling will never need replacing

Quality Manufacturing Locally

Rover Pet Products manufactures all bedding on Australian soil. We manufacture locally in the Hunter Valley NSW and are extremely proud to support the local economy.

Having manufacturing close to our hearts, we are able to ensure the quality of our products. This is one of our core values, ensuring that with every TuffMat!, PlushMat! and PlushMat! Plus we send out, we would be proud enough to give to our dog, Lulu.

Why SodaPup?

SodaPup is an American partner that shares many of the same values as we do. They are committed to quality manufacturing in the USA, the use of non-toxic natural latex and designing quality, long-lasting products.


Our ranges are easy to clean! With the PlushMat!, simply remove the machine washable cover and wash on a normal cycle in your washing machine.

With your TuffMat!, if your TuffMat! is just dusty then simply hang it on the clothes line and hose off both sides, leaving it on the line to dry out. If your TuffMat! is covered with dry mud then a light scrub with some washing liquid will assist removing the mud, then simply follow the steps above.

Wholesale Pet Supplies inquiry?

Check out our wholesale page here!