About us

About Us

We're an Australian company that designs and manufactures premium Australian dog bedding; the TuffMat! & PlushMat! We are also the Australian distributor for SodaPup dog toys and a distributor of Somerford Raw. We started this journey because our dog destroyed an extremely expensive bed within two hours of being outside, and we thought that there must be another solution. First, the TuffMat! was developed and tested on a wide range of dogs with excellent results.
Our rip stop technology solved 99% of issues with dogs destroying their beds, as being rough, playing tug-of-war and scratching were the common causes of bed destruction. Some dogs hadn’t had a bed in seven years until their TuffMat!
After initial success, we formed Rover Pet Products and we started the design of our PlushMat!. We wanted something stylish for inside use, that was softer, had a removable cover and could be tailored to suit our customers lifestyles, yet offer the same comfort and support that our TuffMat! had become known for. The PlushMat! comes in a huge variety of colours and has a removable machine washable cover. Best of all - the cover can be brought separately so customers aren't stuck with the same colour forever!

We are proud to share our products with the world and proud to manufacture in Australia. We source as many materials as we can locally and our focus on providing quality, long term dog beds is what drives us.

Our TuffMat! comes in two gorgeous colours, Royal Blue & Black. Our PlushMat! comes in 15 colours, with the colour of piping customisable also.
We often hear that the quality and diversity of our products is a game-changer, we simply want every dog to enjoy their own PlushMat! and TuffMat!
in 2017, we introduced Rover SleepTech. Our standard bedding is now all fully therapeutic, coming with our Five year Comfort Guarantee - your bed wont flatten for at least FIVE years!


Our foam is

  • Rot-resistant
  • Mould-resistant
  • Fire-retardant
  • Anti-microbial - Nasties such as fleas and germs can't live in it
  • Extremely supportive and doesn't flatten out under larger breeds
  • Doesn't retain smells due to its characteristics
  • Internal filling will never need replacing

Quality Manufacturing Locally

Rover Pet Products manufactures all bedding on Australian soil. We manufacture locally in the Hunter Valley NSW and are extremely proud to support the local economy.

Having manufacturing close to our hearts, we are able to ensure the quality of our products. This is one of our core values, ensuring that with every TuffMat! and PlushMat! we send out, we would be proud enough of to give to our own best friend.

We don't only manufacture locally, but we source 99% of our materials locally.

We believe that Australian designed and made is best, and many of our customers share our sentiments!

Why SodaPup?

SodaPup is an American company that shares many of the same values as we do. They are committed to quality manufacturing in the USA, the use of non-toxic natural rubber and designing quality, long-lasting products.

Long lasting

At Rover Pet Products we only use high quality, commercial grade materials - and Australian made where possible. Our designer chooses only the best fabrics for the PlushMat! Fabrics chosen are of the highest grade and share the same durable qualities as those used in commercial operation, such as pubs and clubs for spills and 'accidents'. All PlushMat!'s are over-locked meaning they do not fray when being washed.

The TuffMat! is our durable dog bed and is fully sealed and covered in our rip-stop material. The material itself is fantastically durable and its rip-stop technology has solved 99% of destructive issues with pooch's.


Our ranges are easy to clean! With the PlushMat!, simply remove the machine washable cover and wash on a normal cycle in your washing machine.

With your TuffMat!, if your TuffMat! is just dusty then simply hang it on the clothes line and hose off both sides, leaving it on the line to dry out. If your TuffMat! is covered with dry mud then a light scrub with some washing liquid will assist removing the mud, then simply follow the steps above.