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Tough. Waterproof. Indoor or Outdoor Dog Bed

TuffMat! Orthopaedic Pet Bed

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  • Full sealed, rip-resistant material
  • Waterproof - great for outdoor, incontinent, messy dogs
  • Orthopedic bed supports joint & muscle pressure
  • Perfect for puppies & older doggos.
My Elder Greyhound is loving it! Indoors or outdoors and easy clean for little accidents.
Kerrie-Ann L.
Verified Rover Pet Products Customer
Size Specs
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Dimensions L71cm x W45cm
Dog Weight 1 - 10kg
Fabric Type Commercial Grade Polyblend / Cotton
Mattress High Density Orthopedic Foam
Toxins Preset Nil
Country of Origin Australia
Dimensions L87cm x W60cm
Dog Weight 10 - 24kg
Fabric Type Commercial Grade Polyblend / Cotton
Mattress High Density Orthopedic Foam
Toxins Preset Nil
Country of Origin Australia
Dimensions 103cm(L) x 73cm(W) x 10cm(H)
Dog Weight 23 - 32kg
Fabric Type Commercial Grade Polyblend / Cotton
Mattress High Density Orthopedic Foam
Toxins Preset Nil
Country of Origin Australia
Dimensions 123cm(L) x 85cm(W) x 10cm(H)
Dog Weight 32kg +
Fabric Type Commercial Grade Polyblend / Cotton
Mattress High Density Orthopedic Foam
Toxins Preset Nil
Country of Origin Australia
Size is suitable for...
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Cocker Spaniel
Miniature Poodle
Boston Terrier
Tibetan Spaniel
Welsh Terrier
Fox Terrier
Scottish Terrier
Silky Terrier
Cattle Dog
Standard Schnauzer
Airdale Terrier
Springer Spaniel
Border Coolie
Aussie Shepherd
German Shepherd
Mountain Dog
Standard Poodle
German Short Hair Pointer
Irish Wolfhound
Tibetan Mastiff
Great Dane
Rhodesian Ridgeback

We manufacture & dispatch your TuffMat! within one week!
We've developed Australia's best orthopaedic pet bedding range. Help your dog sleep better with a bed that doesn't flatten and supports their body!

Australia’s favourite dog bed, the TuffMat! is our dual outdoor and indoor therapeutic dog bed that's excellent for your dog's health! It's a great dog bed for all dogs, particularly those that need extra support! Fully sealed in our rip-resistant material.

The TuffMat! is used by leading Australian Government agencies that utilise working such as the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Lord Howe Island Biosecurity, NSW Police, Borderforce and many more.
We made the TuffMat! 7 years ago because traditional dog beds flattened, lost their shape, retained nasty smells and were almost all made overseas. Ours solves such problems, it doesn't flatten and is easy to maintain - simply hose it to clean.
We MAKE here! We can't stress this enough. We're one of very few companies that make here (including sewing our covers - which is a key part of what your dog sleeps on!). Be careful of sneaky marketing tactics! Check out why we made our own Genuinely Australian Made & Owned Logo here.
Bryan & Lulu (who comes to work everyday to oversee operations)

TuffMat! Key features:
  • Fully sealed in our commercial-grade rip-resistant material.
  • Odour-resistant & low-allergen - it won't hold smell!
  • Waterproof dog bed - not water-resistant. Simply hose to clean. Great for outdoor use / incontinent / messy dogs.
  • Orthopedic bed - absorbs & relieves pressure from your dog's joints and muscles, whilst optimally supporting the muscle & skeletal system.
  • Independently pressure tested to prove pressure absorption & relief on the skeletal and muscle structure.
  • Engineered and made in Australia in the Hunter Valley.
  • Ideal for arthritic, injured and recovering dogs.
  • High quality orthopedic Australian made mattresses. Superior to most memory foams.
  • Great for all life stages.
  • Never requires re-stuffing. Your dog's bed will not flatten.
  • Rounded corners helps mitigate chewing. Double-stitched Exterior.
  • NO zips or Velcro reducing destructive attention.
  • Fleas and germs can't live in our Australian made beds.
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty on our workmanship.
  • Certified non-toxic bedding & raw materials. Check our independent testing here.
  • Regular washing will maintain cleanliness of the material & assist maintaining longevity
    Sizes are:
    Small - 71cm x 45cm x 8cm
    Medium - 87cm x 60cm x 8cm
    Large - 103cm x 73cm x 10cm 
    Extra Large - 123cm x 85cm x 10cm

    Being manufacturers we can make our ortho range to any size. Send us a message on the online chat or an email to info@roverpetproducts.com.au

    Not sure of the size? Check our Sizing guideor send us a message!

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    We've conducted significant research and development into the design of our TuffMat!, and as every dog is different we do not offer a guarantee that the TuffMat! is indestructible or an unchewable dog bed. The TuffMat! is not designed for chewing behaviours. Introduce slowly to all destructive dogs. If your dog is a chewer/ destructive and you'd like them to have an orthopaedic supportive bed, we recommend introducing the TuffMat! slowly over time, under supervision, as a reward and paired with our durable chew toy range. This is an almost chew proof dog bed - at least as close as you can get.

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    Remove the cover and wash in a cool cycle. Excessive heat may shrink covers. Hang to dry and go again! If an “accident” has reached the mattress, hose it down and add some disinfectant, roll it out as best you can and leave to dry in the sun.


    Take outside and hose and/ or scrub, lean against a or similar to let it dry in the sun.

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    Covers are all removable and machine washable! The internal bladders can be soaked if necessary in a bath or similar, and simple squeeze or roll out excess water and leave to dry in the sun.

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    What is a TuffMat! ortho pet bed?
    The TuffMat! is our most versatile and popular bed! Use indoor or outdoor, it's so easy to maintain! Watch the video for more!

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