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June 05, 2023 2 min read

Marrow Chews

Let's start with what are Marrow Chews?

Marrow Chews are a treat comprising solid marrow from Beef (Pork coming soon) and are incredibly healthy. They are pure Marrow (plain), or, have flavours added to them, to switch it up for your doggo. Just like humans, dog's can get bored of flavours!

The process (as much as we can give)

Marrow Chews are made in a patented, and protected method - but in effect, the Marrow is heated and cooled, bringing the fat to the top of the broth each time, where it is removed. This leaves just the healthy marrow, where after the proprietary process it is set into it's current shape. There is no gelling agents or additives added to make them set. We reaffirm this is a globally patented and protected process that cannot have information shared.


Marrow is an incredibly healthy food, for dogs and humans. The pro's of having our Marrow Chews are that it will be an instant hit to your dog's nutrition. We recommend 1-2 Marrow Chews a week to make a great, positive improvement to your dog's nutritional intake.

They take time, too. They are not a chew your dog will inhale, they're a long lasting chew and they will occupy your dog. Most dogs will take days to consume one, whereas really tough power chewers will take 30-90 minutes. That's long lasting for a treat. Don't forget too, these are packed full of flavour - so your dog will want to chomp it as quickly as possible!

They're extremely low in fat. Due to the process of scraping all the fat off during the making process, the total fat content of our Marrow Chews is only 2-3%, meaning that all dogs can enjoy the benefits of them!


Marrow Chews aren't the cheapest treat out there. They are long lasting, but we'd recommend mixing Marrow Chews with other treats otherwise it could become expensive. The process to make them is 6 weeks from start to finish, and costs are kept as low as possible.

Order your Marrow Chews here!

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