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The Techy Stuff

Why are our dog beds better?

Put simply, we use the best materials, with no spared expense. And we go above and beyond what our raw material manufacturers tell us - and independently test our fabrics, foams, threads and all raw materials.
Peace of mind is cheaper than the alternative. Sadly with the rise of manufacturing across Asia - the long-term risks of unstable foams and toxins leaching is paramount. Different laws and regulations and different chemical requirements lead to a vastly different compound in foams from other countries. This means a cheaper result, but an unstable product that can lead to leaching.
If your dog is sleeping on something for 10 hours + a day. The risk is real.

We commissioned Qualspec

We commissioned Qualspec - a worldwide leader in textile testing to independently test ALL of our orthopedic pet bedding raw materials to give you, our customer peace of mind in knowing when we say our bedding is Non-Toxic that we aren't just saying what you want to hear but we have the science to back us as well. We knew all our raw materials were Non-Toxic before we procured them from suppliers but that wasn't enough for us, so we put our money where our mouth is and below you will find all test results.
We are the First ever Australian Manufacturing company who Manufactures pet bedding with certification that our products are 100% (nope, not even 99%), 100% Non Toxic and safe for YOUR pet, children, grand children, son, sister, bother, daughter, uncle, aunty, grandfather, grandmother and your uncles uncle - I think you get what we mean - NON TOXIC!
This is hugely important as always every pet bed is made overseas and the long term risk and damage will be substantial. At Rover Pet Products we use high quality human grade fabrics and mattress foam. It's important to note that all of our testing has been done to a standard of "0" toxicity which is the highest in the world and on par with children's bedding & clothing items worldwide!
We are the first ever Australian manufacturers of Australian-made certified non-toxic pet bedding! We're proud to be the FIRST Australian company (possibly worldwide) to demonstrate our pet bedding is 100% non-toxic, with 0 trace of toxic chemicals like Formaldehyde, flame-retardants, water-repellents and colouring dyes to name just a few. As a small innovative Aussie company - we put YOUR pet first at every step of our manufacturing process!

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