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PlushMat! Orthopaedic Pet Bed


Improve your dog’s sleep with the luxuriously hand crafted, Australian Made PlushMat! orthopaedic dog bed.

Why the orthopedic PlushMat! Dog Bed:

We engineered the PlushMat! orthopeadic pet bed to satisfy your dog when they need it most at rest and to be long-lasting. We wanted to beat your dog's expectations for their sleep and yours. The PlushMat! alleviates and reduces pressure on joints and conforms to their body shape, whilst providing optimal skeletal and muscle support without flattening, sagging or needing replacement - for at least five years. It's stylish, doesn't retain smell, has an easily removable and machine washable cover and is certified non-toxic. It's a premium orthopedic dog bed perfect for all ages and breeds. Each PlushMat! dog bed is genuinely made in Australia, handmade in the Hunter Valley NSW. 

Choosing between our PlushMat! colours? Click here for some help!

Here you can see Amy sewing together an Indigo PlushMat! cover.

PlushMat! Key features:

  • Orthopaedic mattress for optimal support, conforming to body shape
  • Breathable covers for maximum temperature regulation
  • High-density Australian-Made Foam. Rot & mould-resistant
  • Eases muscular tension and pressure on joints
  • Excellent for all ages and breeds
  • Particularly beneficial for arthritic, injured or dogs recovering from surgery
  • Luxurious, removable & machine washable covers
  • Commercial grade fabrics rub-tested to a minimum of 20,000
  • Stylish look with rounded corners and embossed logo vinyl
  • Your choice of luxury fabric
  • Independently pressure tested for pressure absorption & relief on skeletal and muscle structure
  • Your dog's bed won't flatten with our Five Year non-flatten Guarantee
  • Hidden zip-in pocket design for those cheeky pups
  • Designed and made in Australia in the Hunter Valley
  • Anti-microbial mattress. Nasties can't live in our beds.
  • 100% certified non-toxic bedding & raw materials. Check our independent testing here.
  • 2-year manufacturingwarranty on our workmanship
Sizes are:
Small - 71cm x 45cm x 8cm
Medium - 87cm x 60cm x 8cm
Large - 103cm x 73cm x 10cm 
Extra Large - 123cm x 85cm x 10cm

Being manufacturers we can make our ortho range to any size. Send us a message on the online chat or an email to info@roverpetproducts.com.au

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1 week present sewing & manufacturing turnaround

If searching for quality Australian Made dog beds and you can't see behind-the-scenes photos & videos on a company's website or their socials of Aussies sewing, it's almost certainly not genuinely made in Australia. This is a hugely prominent issue right now with many companies claiming to be Aussie Made, whilst not being so - which is why we've developed our own Genuinely Australian Made & Owned Logo - read here why!

Adding Extra's?

What's a topper? A topper means we sew a Topper on the top side of the bed, changing the aesthetic and functionality of the bed! Our Sherpa toppers are comfy & warm. Adding a Topper makes the bed multi-functional and you can use the normal fabric side or the Sherpa side, depending on the season.

What's a mattress protector? We know your dog's PlushMat! is an investment and protecting your dog's bed is important. Some dog's have accidents, are incontinent and sometimes mistakes just happen. Just like a human mattress protector, our PlushMat! mattress protector protects your dog's internal mattress from wee and accidents. Sewn into the back of your dog's PlushMat! cover it is near invisible as it's hidden under the cover and when an accident happens, just remove the cover and wash in the washing machine. Easy.

What's a built in blanket? Our built in blanket is a sherpa lined blanket sewn into the top of the PlushMat! making it a versatile bed for those dogs that are prone to snuggling. Some breeds, such as Greyhounds and Whippets are known for their love of burrowing. Our built in blanket is perfect for dog's that love to burrow!

What is a PlushMat!?

The PlushMat! is Australia's leading orthopedic pet bed! Proudly by us here in the Hunter Valley, NSW! Watch this video to learn more and see behind the scenes in our factory too!