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PlushMat! Range Colours Explained - Indoor Orthopedic Dog Beds

The luxurious PlushMat! is the most versatile dog bed on the market, proudly Australian Made. Bryan and the design team handpick each premium fabric  for their aesthetic and functional properties. Luxury knows no bounds with premium human grade fabrics used in every application. From our sturdy couch classic fabrics like Charcoal and Static to the ultra luxurious Bouclé, there really is something for every dog, and every home.

A FAQ is below colour explanations to help guide you in your fabric selection for your dog's new bed!

Charcoal: Textural rating: 4/10
Charcoal is our most popular fabric It's a splendid blend of grey with black flecs through. This colour suits every type of home, whether it's contemporary or an older style home. There's a reason so many customers choose Alloy. Alloy looks great with white and black piping.

Porridge: Textural rating: 4/10
This neutral colour fits stylish and modern homes best, though it is a standard beige that fits most colour palates. It's sophisticated and understated. Pair with black for contrast.

Static: Textural rating: 5/10
A Salt & Pepper aesthetic, this fabric is predominantly ultra dark grey with a blend of white & lighter grey speckles through. It's not only classy, but it's a beautiful fabric unto itself!

Jet Black
: Textural rating: 1/10
Classic, timeless and beautiful. Black matches everything and paired with it's cut-pile weave, Jet Black screams luxury. Jet Black looks great with White Piping as a strong contract, and looks ultra-luxurious with Black Piping. Understated, but classy. Roughly 50% of customers choose Black on Black!

Mallard: Textural rating: 1/10
One of the longest surviving fabrics in our range, Mallard is a beautifully deep turqoisy-blue. It's striking ability as a prominent colour but it's contemporary stature has made it one of the most popular fabrics for the past 5 years.

Hamptons Blue: Textural rating: 5/10
A summery, beachy fabric that is one of our personal favourties. Blending a beach blue with speckles of white, it's a stunning fabric for anyone wanting to add some blue to their home!

Indigo: Textural rating: 1/10
A strong Deep dark Blue, Indigo espouses Royalty. It's luxurious, deep and even a little romantic.

Sunkissed Orange: Textural rating 5/10
Bright, leary and not subtle, Sunkissed Orange is a fabric for those that aren't afraid of colour, or your dog's bed being the focal point of your home.

Scarlet: Textural rating 1/10
A strong red with the essence of royalty, Scarlet is a beautiful fit for any home wanting to add a pop of colour. Beautifully paired with both Black and White Piping, Scarlet really does change it's appearance with the piping, moreso than many of our other fabrics.

Green Apple: Textural rating 5/10
Fun, loud and a little proud - Green Apple is the colour gifted to us by Granny Smith herself. It's a bold colour that adds a pop to any room it sits in.

Regal Purple: Textural rating 1/10
Beautiful, poignant and deep, Regal Purple fits it's name. It's a stylish contemporary colour which exudes luxury. Touching this velour fabric makes you feel like you're touching a luxury canvas, imagine how your dog'll feel!

Cow Print: Textural rating 2/10
A stunning slightly textured fabric, Cow Print is soft to touch with a small weave. This print is classy, but also understated. Not for everyone, but if you like animal prints, it's one for you!

Zebra Print: Textural rating 2/10
The leariest of our animal prints, Zebra is fun and should be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone! Stylish and more "out there" than our Cow Print, Zebra is simply fun! It's a black & white print, with the absolute softest purple through the print. Just gorgeous!

Vandalised Black: Textural rating 1/10
Bryan's current favourite, Vandalised is a premium, velour-like fabric that is also made and woven down in Victoria! It's also designed by a celebrated Aussie artist. It's fun, it's funky and this fabric will breathe life into any room! Celebrate colour and your dog all at once! The black contrasts fantastically with

Vandalised White: Textural rating 1/10
The almost opposite to Vandalised Black, this is an understated version, yet it's simply stunning. It's classy yet sophisticated, and the paint splatters will simply brighten your mood!

Denim 100% Natural Cotton: Textural rating 4/10
Denim is the darker of our two 100% natural cotton ranges. This fabric breathes exceptionally well, perfect for dogs that sleep hot! You will notice a substantial difference in temperature with this fabric. Denim is simply stunning to see and touch, it's both classy and classic looking.

Gunmetal 100% Natural: Textural rating 4/10
The sibling to Denim 100% natural cotton, Gunmetal is a much lighter fabric and gives more light bright beachy vibes. Gunmetal gives off classless vibes and suits modern, bespoke or traditional aesthetics!

Steel Bouclé: Textural rating 9/10
The luxuriously soft Bouclé is luxuriously textural. Incredible luxe to touch and soft to lay on, Steel Bouclé gives off modern impressions whilst remaining classic enough for a stately home.

Snow Bouclé: Textural rating 9/10
Crisply white, Snow Bouclé is a stunning fabric option for any home. Striking and divine, Snow epitomises pure luxury. Perfect for any home - where it wont get too dirty!

Ocean Bouclé: Textural rating 9/10
Ocean Bouclé gives us seafoam vibes! It's blue with a little bit of moss, it's a more neutralized colour that suits anyone with a more reserved colour palette.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why use premium fabrics?
The utilisation of a premium fabric is dual sided, it means that the dog bed's cover is going to last longer. All fabrics we use are commercial grade and designed for high usage. This benefits your dog, and also the environment as covers aren't replaced frequently. The majority of our fabrics are also used by leading furniture suppliers, so in many cases your dog's bed can match the couch or your favourite piece of furniture.

What is a rub-test?
A rub test is essentially a test of how many rubs a square inch can take, before
how many times a material can be rubbed on the same spot before it is worn through in general usage (note, a dog's claws don't count!). This test separates commercial and non-commercial fabrics.

How tough are they?
We select our fabrics for their heavy duty rating. This is a technical rating and we use this as a requirement for any fabric that gets used in the PlushMat! range. It doesn't mean it's indestructible by any measure, but it means its stronger and has a heavier basis than standard fabrics.

What gives fabric texture?
Texture in fabrics is given by the millions of loops in the weave of the fabric, that are invisible to the eye. These give the body of the fabric a texture, which can be manipulated during the fabrics weaving to make it appear softer, to weave it in a lined or patterned feel or to make it feel rougher and more textured.

What is a cut pile fabric and why is it best for dogs that drop hair?
A cut pile fabric has had all of the loops from the top of the fabric cut off during the manufacturing process. This creates a soft, velour or velvety feel. This is perfect for dogs that drop hair as what a dog's hair will get caught on is the millions of loops. The level of texture in a fabric has a direct correlation to the amount of hair that can get caught.