PlushMat! colours explained

The PlushMat! has the most luxurious fabrics on the dog bed market. We know this, because we have sourced the very best. Our covers are made out of the same high quality fabrics prestige couches and boutique venues utilise.
Here we will describe each colour to assist you in making the right PlushMat! purchase.
Textured fabrics:
Our seven textured fabrics are our most popular. They are exactly the same feel as textured couches, our customers are often pleased they can match their dog's bed with their couch! Our textured beds feel great and are amazing!
- Alloy. Alloy is our most popular neutral colour. It's a splendid blend of grey with black flecs through. This colour suits every type of home, whether it's contemporary or an older style home. There's a reason so many customers choose Alloy. Alloy looks great with white and black piping.
- Rover Leaf. Another popular colour, Rover Leaf is an earthy green with black specs through, making it's earthiness natural. Rover Leaf suits black and white piping, with black the contrast and the draw in to the colour is magical. Black piping is our pick.
- Fire Red. An enchanting red with orange and black specs, perfect for a red, orange or dark themed home. This colour is stylish and contemporary, and looks great with black and white piping.
- Porridge. This neutral colour fits stylish and modern homes best, though it is a standard beige that fits most colour palates. It's sophisticated and understated. Pair with black for contrast.
- Sunshine Yellow. This bright and bubbly colour is not for everyone, but for those that love yellow - it's a must have. Sunshine Yellow is a colourful, happy option for someone looking to spruce up their room with their dog's bed.
- Peacock Blue. A massive favourite amongst our customers, Peacock Blue is right on trend this season. Peacock Blue has been featured in Vogue and many other fashion editorials. It's a colour that isn't going anywhere. It looks beautiful paired with black and white piping.
- Stone. A neutral but spotty colour that is Alloy's distant brother. This colour is gorgeous for it's richness, the black specs paired with the brownness of the fabric gives it a natural and pleasant look. Stone looks stunning with black and white piping.
Velvet like fabrics:
We have five velvety fabrics which are ultra luxurious. Don't let their extremely soft texture make you think they are weak, they are still commercial grade. They are beautifully soft, with no texture due to their cut pile - giving no opportunity for hair or dirt to stick to the fabric. Simply shake or vacuum the bed to remove hair.
- Scarlett. An eye catchingly beautiful regal colour. It is a deep red that is classy and sophisticated. Great for homes that have black, white or contemporary themes.
- Jet Black. The Black is a deep Black. It's suitable to any home decor and can be quaint with black piping, or a feature of your house with white piping.
- Mallard. A gorgeous turquoise green, the Mallard is our most popular colour. The texture combined with it's appearance makes it a favourite among our customers.
- Indigo. A defined dark navy blue that is suitable to every home decor. Whilst distinctive, the Indigo matches most colour palates and suits an older style or contemporary home.
- Regal Purple. Perfect for anyone that loves dark purples. Regal Purple is just that; regal. It's elegant and sophisticated and is stunning with both white and black piping. The contract with white is eye-catching, whilst with black piping the subtly of the bed is not lost in a home setting.