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Cleaning guide

How to look after your PlushMat! and TuffMat!
Rover Pet Products manufactures locally in Australia and our focus is on quality and customer (pooch!) satisfaction. Every product that we manufacture we believe should be good enough for our own pooch, so when it comes to cleaning and washing, we want to ensure the process is simple, effective and your TuffMat! or PlushMat! doesn't wear out.
The TuffMat! is a waterproof bed so cleaning it is simple and easy. To clean, you have two options. You can hose your TuffMat! or you can put some detergent on your TuffMat! and scrub or wipe (if lots of mud or grime gets on it!). Just leave in the sun to dry or hang up on the clothes line! If a puncture mark is to occur, do not worry, our foam is rot resistant, mould resistant and antimicrobial so being wet isn't an issue. It also dries very quickly.
The PlushMat! has a removable, machine washable cover with a hidden zip. Simply undo the zip, remove the internal filling and wash the cover in your washing machine on a normal wash-cycle. The internal filling does not require any maintenance and additional covers can be purchased separately.