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PlushMat! Plus - Thermal & Therapeutic - Orthopaedic Pet Bed

Approximate 1-2 week present sewing & manufacturing turnaround

Introducing the world's greatest dog bed.

Change your dog’s life with Australia's most luxurious, handcrafted Australian made dog bed. This bed contours perfectly to body shape, carefully absorbing & relieving pressure from muscles & joints - young & old!

The PlushMat! Plus is a thermal, multi-layered memory foam, therapeutic & orthopedic dog bed. Puppy Sleep Cell 2.0 technology is exclusive to Rover Pet Products and has been developed in conjunction with Australia's leading foam manufacturer to make your dog's sleep the best it's ever been. The PlushMat! Plus has a 10-year Comfort Guarantee. The 1st and only in Australia. Read here why we've developed our own Genuinely Australian Made & Owned logo.

Designed with all dogs in mind, the PlushMat! Plus has one side that cools your dog, and one side that heats your dog. Many dogs suffer from sleeping cold, or overheating - the PlushMat! Plus provides the optimal solution.

Our materials are the best of the best and have been carefully sourced. They are 100% non-toxic. We've gone beyond our suppliers word and had all of our raw materials independently tested for peace of mind.



Key features of the PlushMat! Plus:

  • Puppy Sleep Cell 2.0 supports your dog's weight and contours to their shape and distributes the pressure from your dog's muscles, joints and skeletal system evenly with thermal support. Perfectly absorbing the pressure from their joints and muscles whilst providing them the most comfortable sleep they've ever had.
  • Three tiered memory foam mattress, one side of this bed heats under pressure, whilst the other side cools with an internal dense memory foam layer.
  • Independently pressure tested for pressure absorption & relief on skeletal, joint and muscle structure.

  • Handwash Cotton Fabrics wherever possible, or on gentle wash
  • 10 Year Comfort Guarantee. This bed is made with the best materials. This 100% memory foam bed will offer support, comfort and luxury for your dog whilst not flattening or losing shape for at least 10 years.
  • Ideal for all dogs, particularly those arthritic, injured or recovering from surgery

  • Designed and made in Australia in the Hunt

  • Highest grades of memory foam - made in Sydney. Dense, elastic and absorbing
  • 100% made in the Hunter Valley, NSW with over 99% Australian raw materials
  • Hidden zip design paired with commercial grade, luxurious fabrics
  • NO DACRON, the fancy name for recycled and shredded plastic
  • Anti-microbial. Fleas and germs can't live in our beds.
  • 100% certified non-toxic materials and bedding & raw materials. Check our independent testing here.

  • 2-year manufacturing warranty

Here you can see Amy sewing together a Jet Black PlushMat! Plus cover.

Sizes are:
Small - 71cm x 45cm x 12cm
Medium - 87cm x 60cm x 12cm
Large - 103cm x 73cm x 12cm 
Extra Large - 123cm x 85cm x 12cm
Being manufacturers we can make our ortho range to any size. Send us a message on the online chat or an email to info@roverpetproducts.com.au

The PlushMat! Plus is an investment for your dog's sleep & health. We know it's not cheap and there are inferior Asian made options. We've made the best, for the best. The cost of XL averages out per year to $59 per year - an incredibly low investment for your best mate. And remember, it'll last more than 10 years.

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