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TuffRest (Pillow attachment for TuffMat!)

Our manufacturing turn around time is approximately 1-2 weeks! That's right, we make here in Australia!

The TuffRest is our Pillow attachment for the TuffMat! Yes, it's also waterproof! It's made with the highest grade Australian made memory foam. The TuffRest will contour to support your dog's head and their neck structure, allowing maximum support and comfort.

The TuffRest is 100% Australian Made and handmade in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

Attaches and fits to the TuffMat!

TuffRest! Key features:

  • Therapeutic benefits. Contours perfectly to dog's head and neck shape.
  • Contoured Pillow Shape.
  • 5 TuffMat! colour options
  • 100% Australian made in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
  • 100% non-toxic.

Please order the corresponding size to the TuffMat! you have or are ordering.

Does not include a TuffMat! This is an accessory that attaches to the TuffMat!