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Raw Food

Raw 4 Paws is the leading Raw Dog Food in Australia! Made fresh and snap frozen to retain all nutrients it's a full diet for any breed of any age! Formulated to replicate the natural diet of a dog it takes nutrition to where it needs to be, biologically appropriate and packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins.

Once your dog goes RAW, you will not want to go back! There is no better way to support your dog's health than feeding them an appropriately made diet - that isn't incredibly processed!

Just Some Of the Benefits Of Feeding Our Raw:

- Superior Joint and Bone Health

- Healthy Skin, Shinier and Healthier Coat

- Healthy Coat

- Superior Joint and Bone Health

- Reduced Body Odour

- Weight Control

All packs include shipping to the Hunter Valley, Sydney and surrounding areas. All tubs are 1kg in size. All Raw 4 Paws is made with the freshest ingredients, sourced locally.