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The following are our Frequently Asked Questions. We'll routinely update this page!

General Questions:

1: Who are you guys? We are a small family owned and operated pet product manufacturing business. We specialise in making the best products - with the best raw materials.

2: My order hasn't arrived yet, where is it? If your order has been dispatched, an email with tracking information would have been sent to your nominated email. We recommend tracking your item to see where it is. Postage is outside of our control in many cases BUT we'll always try to help.

3: Australia Post / Fastway aren't responding - can you help me find my item? We can track your item on our end, but it's most likely we can't see anything more than you can. Australia Post and Fastway often respond within one business day to any queries.

4: How long is the turn around? Our turn around time differs between products and upon seasonality. We constantly update our product descriptions with our turn around time. It is best to quickly check the product description, if you need more information just send us a message!

5: Will I receive shipping information? All of our orders are sent with tracking information, which is sent to the nominated email provided at checkout. Please make sure it's the right email so you get it!

6: I have put in the wrong address, what can I do? If we haven't sent your order out, get in touch with us as soon as possible and we can update in our system! If the item has already left us we will do our best to have it returned to us/ diverted to your correct address. We just ask that you cover any additional shipping costs.

7: Do you do discounts? We rarely do discounts or have 'codes', however for special occasions we sometimes do. We usually have one sale day per year to thank our valued customers.


1: What's the difference between a TuffMat!, PlushMat! & PlushMat! Plus? The TuffMat! is our durable indoor & outdoor dog bed! It's fully sealed, waterproof and made with a commercial grade rip-resistant material. The TuffMat! is our recommended option for diggers, scratchers and outside dogs. The TuffMat! is easy to clean, you simply hose it!

The PlushMat! and PlushMat! Plus are both indoor dog beds, though these can be used on decking areas - but we recommend keeping under cover! The PlushMat! and PlushMat! Plus are both made with designer fabrics from Warwick Fabrics, providing the ultimate in luxury and class for your pooch. The only difference between the two is the inside!

The PlushMat! can be most easily explained as premium orthopeadic bed, similar to a human mattress. It alleviates pressure from muscles and joints, whilst providing optimal support and comes with a 5 Year Non-Flatten Guarantee.. The PlushMat! Plus is our luxe indoor option, it's a three-layered thermal memory foam bed, with one side that heats and one side that cools. The Plus perfectly contours to your dog's body shape and comes with a 10 Year Non-Flatten Guarantee.

2: What's better for outdoors? The TuffMat! - it's waterproof and super easy to clean.

3: My dog's old - why should I get a therapeutic bed? A therapeutic bed such as a TuffMat!, PlushMat! or PlushMat! Plus offers the best in support, comfort and rejuvenation for your furry mate. Most beds are filled with recycled plastic such as Dacron, which contributes to ill health such as joint and hip ailments, alongside arthritic ailments.

4: What is inside your beds? We use premium foams (what your human mattress is!) that are made just south, in Sydney!

5: What is Dacron and why is it bad? Dacron is recycled plastic. It's called by many names, "thermal fibres", "fibres", "memory fibres" - it's soft, it's squishy and it offers nil postural support, nil muscle support and nil health benefits. It's cheap, easy to use and acts as a "filler" for most dog beds sadly.

6: My dog can be messy/ wets the bed, what should I buy? If your dog is messy, we recommend the TuffMat! - it's very easy to hose / scrub and clean. If your dog is wetting the bed due to age and incontinence, we make mattress protectors similar to your human one! You can get an extra cover and a mattress protector and wash the soiled cover / change over as required!

7: Where do you make your beds? We are proud to manufacture in the Hunter Valley, NSW! All our bedding is 100% Australian made, very few dog beds are made in Australia!

8: What's so special about your beds? We're not joking when we say virtually every thing about our beds is special. No other company makes dog beds like we do, Noother company uses Warwick fabrics, No other company uses the premium foams we do, No other company in Australia has a non-flatten guarantee!

9: Is the TuffMat! truly waterproof, and why? The TuffMat! is waterproof for outdoor use. Many other businesses spray a fabric spray on their beds, giving them a degree of water-resistancy to a certain extent. Our TuffMat! material is waterproof!

10: Are they toxic? All of our bedding is 100% non-toxic, we've even gone a step further than almost every single pet product company in the WORLD and had independent testing - check it here!

11: My dog chews - what should I do? Are your beds chew-proof? If your dog is chewing but you still want them to have the best dog bed - we recommend introducing slowly and under supervision. Chewing is most often a behavioral issue. No bedding material is chew-proof (including ours!)

12: What makes them different to other beds? The therapeutic comfort and support of our bedding range exceeds all others. Whilst other companies call their bedding therapeutic, many flatten quickly, offer little postural support and are still filled with Dacron, just with clever marketing terms. Our beds are designed by Josh, with over 15 years of experience in the textile and manufacturing sector.

13: Why is Australian made so important? Australian made means you know the quality. Our bedding is all made with Australian labour, under Australian manufacturing conditions. We're proud to make here - and this'll NEVER change!

Sodapup Tough toys:

1: What type of toys do you sell? We sell ultra-tough toys! Our Sodapup range is made with natural latex and is 100% non-toxic - some of the toy range is so great for power chewers it's near indestructible!

2: What is Sodapup? Sodapup is an American company that manufactures power chewer toys - and we exclusively distribute in Australia and NZ for them!

3: Why are they so strong? They're so strong and tough for power chewers for a variety of reasons. Sodapup makes a proprietary rubber is all 100% natural - but also great for power chewers!

4: Which toys are better for power chewing? The best toys for power chewer chewers are; the Magnum Can Toy range, the Crazy Bounce, the Asteroid, the Love Heart and the I.D. Ball!

5: How do your toys stand up to the competition? Very, very well! That's why we have a 6month replacement guarantee - and almost all of our competitors don't!

6: Are they all natural? 100% - Sodapup is 100% natural - the toys are biodegrable and even FDA Approved! They're safe for your furry best friend!

7: Is there a guarantee? We do have a 30 day replacement guarantee on all chew toys!

Personalised Collars & Leads:

1: Where do you make your personalised collars? We make our custom collars HERE in the Hunter Valley, NSW!

2: How long does it take to get them? Usually not long at all! We have a mega fast turn around time - almost. always ONE business day! We use a mix of Australia Post and courier to expedite shipping!

3: Can I have two names or two phone numbers on my dog's collar or lead? You CAN! It's just an extra $8! You can add this whilst ordering!

4: What colours can I choose from? We have so many incredible colours to choose from, and we now have around 25 embroidery colours! You can choose any of our collar colours and choose your own embroidery colours too! We love seeing what customers put together!

5: What size should I pick for my dog? The best way to know is to measure your dog's neck, or an existing collar. Then you can match against the adjustable sizing in the collar section!

6: What style should I pick for my dog? We have two main style, the Originals and Aqua Dog ranges. Originals is like a standard style of nylon collar, whilst the Aqua Dog is the more advanced water-loving dog collar! If you dog spends time in the water, we'd normally recommend Aqua Dog!


1: Are you all your treats Australian? They most certainly are - with the exception of the NZ Green Lipped Mussels!

2: What are your healthiest treats? They're all brilliant, but our top pick is the Chicken Jerky. It's pure LEAN Chicken Breast with no salts, sugars, nasties or additives!

3: Can I buy in bulk? For sure you can. We have several sizes available through the website with 350g being the biggest standard size. Need HUGE bulk? Send us a message or email!