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Sizing & Recommendations

At Rover Pet Products we believe that every dog should have the opportunity to spread out, be comfortable and roll over on their back when they want to! Our sizing across our range is generous to ensure that your dog will be super comfy on their PlushMat! or TuffMat! If you require a custom size, send us your inquiry at info@roverpetproducts.com.au.

This is our recommended guide for selecting a size that matches your dog. You should measure your space and compare to our measurements to choose the right size for your dog.

Our Small Bed recommendations: (71cm x 45cm x 10cm)

Chihuahua; Cocker Spaniel; Miniature Poodle; Boston Terrier; Dachshund; Scottish Terrier; Shi Tzu; Silky Terrier; Cairn Terrier; Havanese; Tibetan Spaniel; Welsh Terrier; Fox Terrier.

Our Medium Bed recommendations: (87cm x 60cm x 10cm)

Beagle; Pug; Jack Russel Terrier; Tibetan Spaniel; Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Bichon Frise; Whippet; Tibetan Terrier; English Toy Spaniel; American Eskimo Dog (miniature); Border Terrier.

Our Large Bed recommendations: (103cm x 73cm x 10cm)

Border Collie; Australian Shephard; English Springer Spaniel; Staffordshire Bull Terrier; Chinook; Lagotto; American Bulldog; Italian Spinone; Rottweiler; White German Shephard; Greyhound.

Our Extra Large recommendations: (123cm x 85cm x 10cm)

Great Dane; German Shephard; Rhodesian Ridgeback; Golden Retriever; Boxer; Husky; Belgian Malinois; Dalmation; Alaskan Malamute; Bullmastiff; Irish Wolfhound; Tibetan Mastiff.

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A few extra tips for selecting the right bed are:

Having a bed too large for your dog may make them feel isolated so if they only like curling up - maybe a slightly smaller bed is suitable.

Having a bed too small for your dog may make them feel exposed and vulnerable - so if your dog always likes to stretch out - maybe a slightly bigger bed is suitable.

The TuffMat! is waterproof and easy to clean, it can be used inside or outside so if your dog likes mud and is a dirty dawg, this may be the best option for you.

The PlushMat! is not waterproof, but it is easy to wash. The PlushMat! should only be used inside as it can get dirty if left in a backyard etc. You can machine wash the cover however and it wont fade or fray as we over-lock all edges.

Choosing a bed for your dog to grow into can be a good idea depending on their breed and their personality and temperament. It can allow them to become accustom to their bed from a very early age and let them grow in confidence as they mature.

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