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March 16, 2023 2 min read

Labradors have been overtaken!

For 31 years, Labradors have literally ruled the roost for 31 long years, being the most popular dog in the USA. The American Kennel Club now says that the U.S. has a new favourite breed, the French Bulldog, or, the Frenchie!

The United States often leads the world in trends in the pet sector and industry, so this news is going to make some ripples around the world.

These little guys are known for their absolute cuteness. Frenchies are full of personality, they're loving little dogs and when you think about it, they're a doggo that can do most things with you!

Here in Australia and New Zealand, we've noticed a huge upward trend in Frenchies becoming part pf the family! Frenchies are flat nosed dogs and for these dogs, enrichment is incredibly important. Many get tired easily, so long walks aren't always an option. Food enrichment becomes even more popular for Frenchies, with the eMat and Mandala range being the most popular for them due to the flat nature of their faces.

The rise in popularity around the world has led to an explosion in popularity, with some people not happy with the risks associated with breathing, spinal, eye and skin conditions. However, for the most part, all of these can be negated by loving owners!

Just like any dog, when you're looking at purchasing, do your research, get health tests done and buy from a reputable breeder. They can be fit, extremely healthy and be just like any other dog with what they bring to the family!

Now we all have to sit tight and wonder what breed will take out top spot in 2023!

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