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The Benefits of Turkey For Dogs

November 10, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

Turkey For Dogs - Why?

What are the benefits of Turkey for dogs?

Turkey meat is healthy, it's lean, packed full of protein and nutrients. It's benefits are amplified by the fact that Turkey is a hypoallergenic meat, meaning that for most dogs even with sensitive tummies and allergies, it makes for a great treat.

Is Turkey Healthy for my dog?

You betcha! Turkey makes a healthy treat and food for your dog. We even offer a Raw Turkey option in our Raw Barf Section. Turkey is a popular food for humans and dogs. It's incredibly lean, which makes it an excellent option for humans and dogs wanting to maintain or regulate their weight.

What are the nutritional benefits of Turkey?

Turkey is a nutrient powerhouse. Here's a summary of the best minerals and nutrients you'll find naturally occurring in Turkey meat, like our Turkey Jerky.

Protein - the natural building block of everything. We need protein to survive and grow. It's plentiful in Turkey Jerky!

Magnesium - it's vital for most bodily functions, including helping to keep the heart and nervous system healthy and operating. Magnesium also helps maintain regular blood sugar levels.

Phosphorus - another essential nutrient for dogs, it helps maintain healthy teeth and bones. Something we all need

Zinc- assists with the immune system, coat, skin and digestion. It's an all rounder nutrient

Riboflavin (B2) - this vitamin helps regulate and supports energy levels, a strong immune system and a robust metabolism.

We all want healthy dogs and here at Rover Pet Products we're on a mission to make dog treats with a difference. Click here to check out our Turkey Jerky

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