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March 17, 2023 1 min read

Just getting started with enrichment?

Everyone starts somewhere, as does their dog! Here are some of our favourite enrichment toys and top picks to help you get started! Note, all toys are dishwasher safe.

Space Capsule

The Space Capsule is a complex, but fun, and tantalising enrichment toy! It can easily be stuffed with raw, kibble or any soft food to make an 8/10 challenging experience.

Magnum Gear

Another favourite is the Magnum Gear, which is a great treat toy for mental stimulation, and not a full meal toy (except for very small pooches). The Magnum Gear is fantastic for stuffing a long treat through, like a Pilchard or Bully Stick!

Zombie eMat

Our Rover family know we are keen lovers of our eMat range! The Zombie eMat is a complicated, slowfeeder enrichment mat that will give your dog loads of mental stimulation. Simply smear food into the grooves! Want to make it more challenging? Freeze it!

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