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The Dog Bed Vets Use!

September 10, 2022 2 min read

The Dog Bed Vet's Use

When looking for a bed to use...what do you look for?

There are thousands of dog beds on the market. Thousands of varying options, though over 90% are made out of the same group of factories in the same province in China., with roughly 8% made in other areas of Asia. It's why so many dog beds are so similar, bar the label. How do we know? Because we get emails daily from these companies wanting to replicate our products or sell to us what other high profile companies that 'claim' to make in Australia sell...

Having Australian Designed, or often even the Australian Made tag doesn't qualify a product as being Australian Made... you can read a previous blog about the technical definitions here and why we believe they're a rort.

So now that we've established there are thousands of varying products available, both in shops and online, how do you sort through what's good and what's not?

Firstly, in our opinion you should look for products that are made with quality raw materials. The typical doggo sleeps on a bed for 10-16hours a day, so you want to make sure that what they're sleeping on is both comfortable, supportive and non-toxic.

So what beds do vets use and what do they look for?

Vets look for multiple things when choosing beds for post-surgery recovery of their fur customers and what they look for is also a good indicator for what the general person should look for.

Pressure relief - Dog beds that alleviate pressure on the body, alleviating the risk of pressure sores across the body. Post-surgery, dogs are going to be very limp and need to recover comfortably.

Non-toxic - Vets will traditionally seek non-toxic and safe products for their patients, they have the best interests of pets at heart.

Easy to clean - In a Vet, particularly after surgeries, there may be blood, pus and "accidents" occurring regularly, so Vet's need bedding that is easily washed and maintained.

Leading Vets across the country, with the best known including SASH in Sydney and the University of Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospital use our TuffMat!

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