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PlushRest (Pillow attachment for PlushMat!)

Our manufacturing turn around time is approximately 1-2 weeks! That's right, we make here in Australia!

The PlushRest is our answer to dogs who love a pillow! Its an optional accessory to our bedding range. It's made with the highest grade Australian made memory foam. The PlushRest is contoured, allowing for dogs of all sizes to comfortably utilise it! The PlushRest also contours perfectly to your dog's head and neck shape, allowing maximum comfort and support.

The PlushRest is handmade in the Hunter Valley, NSW

Attaches and fits all of our bedding range. The PlushMat!, PlushMat! Plus!

PlushRest! Key features:

  • Therapeutic benefits. Contours perfectly to dog's head and neck shape.
  • Contoured Pillow Shape.
  • 26 luxurious  commercial grade fabrics
  • Each size suits all dogs
  • 100% Australian made in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
  • 100% non-toxic.
  • Fits with PlushMat! Edge

Does not include PlushMat!, PlushMat! Plus or PlushMat! Edge. This is an accessory and add on to our bedding range.