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June 22, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

Is Gelatin Safe For Your Dog?

Can dogs eat Gelatin safely?!

The answer is certifiably, yes, with some reservations! Dog's can eat plain, unsweetened human grade jelly or jelly made specifically for them, like Doggy Jelly, you just need to make sure there aren't any toxic additives!

Absolutely avoid at all costs jelly made for humans! The additives typically found in most human jelly are very toxic for dogs. A particular reminder and warning for any jelly, or food in general, for that matter, is to avoid food that includes Xylitol. This is the same toxic additive (for dogs) that is found in chocolate.

How much Gelatin can you give your dog?

Dog safe jelly is a treat you can give very regularly, and we mean regularly. We give Lulu, our mascot, Jelly on a daily basis. It's a very low calorie treat and as such we don't get concerned with giving her 5-10 donuts a day, or similar sized amounts mixed into her meals or as a regular treat.

What if my dog ate human jelly by accident?

Firstly you need to take notice of what is in the jelly and contact your Vet as soon as possible. Keep the packaging closeby or do a quick Google if you don't have the packaging anymore. The more information you can give your Vet, the better.

It's 100% better to play safe and ensure that your dog can get the best help as quickly as possible, so don't wait - call straight away before any symptoms can arise.

Why do we love Doggy Jelly?

Look, we may be bias when it comes to our own products...but let's start with the fact that it's tasty, healthy and makes a banging treat that supports your dog's brain and joint health!

Let's be frank and honest with ourselves, dogs do not live long enough lives. Personally, we wish our own doggo would live as long as we do. A huge part of that is living the healthiest life possible with full movement!

Gelatin is a natural superfood for your dog's joints and there are countless studies supporting it's use to reduce arthritis, improvement movement and reduce immobilisation of dogs.

For those looking for a healthy, nutritious and unique treat that's great for your dog, Doggy Jelly is gets the tick of approval!

...best of all however, our Doggy Jelly really is a superfood dog treat that can be given on a daily basis, without any guilt!

We've just launched two mega cute new Jelly Moulds, too! The Lego Man & Hearts!

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