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September 12, 2022 3 min read

The importance of walking a dog on lead!

Why should you?

Unless in a specified safe environment like a dog park, your dog should be on lead in all States and Territories across Australia. In New South Wales the on the spot fine for this is $330...and goes all the way up to $11,000 if it goes to Court!

Best be putting Lizzy on a lead!

Apart from the major reason of having to hand over your hard earned dollars for a fine, it really is all about safety for your dog, other dogs, yourself and the general public.

Dogs have their own personalities just like humans and we all react differently to things, particularly in an unknown environment. Dogs off lead can be spooked by a sound or something moving, run off into the distance and sadly in many tragic cases into traffic or other horrendous and scary scenarios. Dogs off lead can also spook and scare dogs on lead, and we have seen cases where scaring a dog on lead has led to disastrous results.

Dogs off lead can also be aggressive or reactive to other dogs and will almost always be the one found responsible for a dog fight as they are not being controlled by their owners.

The consequences of dogs being involved being in a fight are countless and go right to the sad extreme.

Keeping your dog on lead also means that you can keep them close and avoid danger, like crossing roads and avoiding traffic, or steering them away from danger from dogs off lead.

All in all, be the best dog owner you can be and only let them off lead in safe, designated areas otherwise the consequences will be yours to brunt - and potentially innocent other people too.

Two Handles Are Better Than One!

"My dog pulls so hard when walking - help!"

Seriously, it's something that we hear all of the time! Dogs are inquisitive creatures, they want to explore! A sniff of this, a pull towards that, or they might even see another dog that they want to say hi to!

Regardless, a strong pulling dog can be dangerous for both your doggo and for you. Being pulled over or losing control of your doggo is worst case scenario and something that needs to be avoided...and that's where products like our Dual Handle Lead come into play.

Sometimes two is better than one! Typical Leads have one handle which for many dogs is okay, but two means that you are able to control your dog so much better! And there's a sneaky extra reason why it's awesome for young families, too!

Our top reasons you need a Dual Handle Lead:

1: Two handles can be used at once to keep your dog close, or, you can use the end handle to give extra length. It's a multi-functional dog lead.

2: You can use both handles and hold them across your body like in the picture - this creates so much more stability when walking your dog! Especially for large dogs that are strong pullers.

3: For those with small children who love to walk the dog and demand to walk the dog, the Dual Handle is a fantastic solution. They can still help walk your dog by holding the lower handle, but, you retain ultimate control with the end handle. Happy family, happy life right?

4: It's Australian Made. The Dual Handle Lead here at Rover Pet Products is Australian Made and we are so passionate about keeping jobs here in Australia! Check out why Australian Made is so important to us here.

Click here to see the Dual Handle Lead, a product we can't live without!

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