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March 29, 2022 1 min read

New Aussie Made packaging, who this?

Some days we probably could record ourselves and play it back and it'd suit! But we are so proud of being an Australian Pet Products company - and sourcing over 90% of all of our materials in Australia!

Every item we possibly can, we source here. To us it's a mix of ethics, morals and patriotism, but at the end of the day the more money spent locally to support local jobs, means a better country for us all! Period. There really aren't that many companies that make Australian Made Pet Products, so we're just fine being true blue Aussie!

This is where our gorgeous new packaging comes in! It's locally designed and locally printed, and we think it ticks all the boxes!

Our gorgeous tissue paper is printed by a company in Melbourne whilst our stickers are printed by a business located in Brisbane, that was only just recently heavily impacted by the flooding. All of our packing packaging is recyclable and has a negligible impact on the environment, which also suits our values!

Our Thank You cards are and the boxes that all of our orders go out in are also 100% Aussie Made! It's a recurring theme across our business, and we hope more Aussie companies join the Aussie Made train!

Here's a picture of gorgeous Baylei with our packaging!

We hope that you love our new packaging, we think it's gorgeous and special and we know how receiving your orders feels - this might just make it even that bit more special!

~ Bryan from Rover,

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