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April 07, 2022 2 min read

Why feed Meal Toppers?

There's no trick to the name of these! Meal Toppers go on top and are added to your dog's meal, whether that be kibble or dry food - and they're great for enrichment too (check out our recipes here). Meal Toppers are a brilliant, low cost and effective way to improve your dog's food and diversify the flavour and nutrition your pooch is receiving from their food!

Are you finding it hard to get your dog to eat?

This is a common issue. Don't beat your self up! Some dogs are stubborn. They challenge our thinking. The food you have brought for them might be brilliant, it might be amazing, the best brand...but they refuse to eat it. Dogs are wildly different to us, that's correct - but they carry two traits that we humans have...stubbornness and taste. We all know our dog's can be stubborn, remember trying to teach them tricks when they were young? As for taste, just like us, every doggo is different, so every dog won't necessarily like the same thing...

That's where Meal Toppers come into play.

What's a Meal Topper?

A Meal Topper in the simplest form are our spreads that can be sprinkled and mixed into your dog's food! They're similar to a crunchy powder, adding both a slight amount of texture and a huge amount of flavour - and nutrition. A Meal Topper not only changes the flavour cost effectively (most bags are $15.95 - $19.95) and will last weeks, but, they also add nutrition. Add Lamby Get itfor extra Iron or Gettin' Clucky for more protein. It's easy to do and the stories we have of doggo's who won't eat their food now devouring meals...well the proof is in the doggo style pudding!

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