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June 17, 2022 1 min read

New Dog Enrichment Toys available!

More Dog Enrichment Options from Sodapup!

We're right by your side with doggy enrichment. Across our socials you'll find a great amount of content dedicated to it. We live and breathe is on the daily thanks to our own doggo! P.S. check out our enrichment recipe page!

The latest enrichment products to launch are the Honey Pot (currently sold out at time of writing this blog, it's gone nuts world wide!), the Yellow Mandala  slow feeder dog bowl (launching tonight) the Ducky and Whale eMats - both incredibly cute!

Why so many options?

Dog enrichment is a mixture of predominantly two things; slowing down your dog's eating and mental and physical stimulation via dog toys and dog enrichment products like slowfeeder bowls. Having a variety of enrichment tools (products) to do so is important! Think about it this way, dog's are smart.

They're foraging animals and they learn shapes and designs at different paces - but eventually they'll typically conquer a shape. Mixing shapes and designs up regularly keeps them motivated, interested and keeps things challenging for them!

The Sodapup Dog Toys range is unique, they're unlike anything else in the world - and they keep and will not stop innovating. This means new designs, new shapes and new concepts - forever! It stops dog toys from getting boring!

We hope that wherever you are on your dog enrichment journey, it's both exciting and fun for you and your pooch!




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