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June 17, 2022 1 min read

Stories like this make us smile!

A story from Ellen:

This past Tuesday we got a Facebook message on the RPP Facebook from a customer who had got some personalised collars from us for her three dogs two weeks earlier.

One custom collar for Bindi, Roman and Leo. These guys were professional escapees she started the chat by saying - and she'd had her ID collars just over one week and they'd already saved her beloved Bindi!

You see for us, behind a computer and sewing machines - we don't often get to see who our products are going to, or how they're helping. This time was different.

Bindi is a blind Staffordshire Terrier, who is 12 years old. Ellen lives a few streets away from a main road and Bindi had been led through an opened gate by a tradie by her siblings, only to get disorientated and separated. Whilst near this main road, a passerby was able to get Bindi and read her name on her collar - and then call Ellen from the embroidered number.

Ellen insists that if the details weren't there and easy to see, this story could have ended very, very differently.

We get so many stories like this - and they really are brighten-your-day types of stories. We plan on using our blog to share many more like it with you all!

Our personalised collars all include name & number embroidery, with one core goal - helping dog's Get Home Safe. Check out our collar range here!

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