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September 11, 2021 2 min read

Treats for thought!

Every Tom, Dick and Harry are claiming Australian made since Covid happened - all you have to do is type into Google...Australian Made Dog Bed! And to be fair, a handful are maybe telling the truth, but that's just it - only a handful!

Almost every dog bed sold in Australia is made in Asia, and is re-labelled or "stuffed"here in Australia, and companies sell that off as being Australian made!

The funniest thing is when you see the SAME dog bed being sold by five different companies...all just with a label change clamining that it's THEIR design, that's the most comical thing in the world! It surely is a hopping Kangaroo of a Barney and Pup Napping time when that happens...;)!

Our orthopedic TuffMat!. PlushMat!, PlushMat! Plus and our accessories are all Australian Made - right HERE! I'm currently sitting in the office attached to our factory! How more real can we be here at Rover!

We definitely suffer from a lack of tech experience when it comes to ranking and the Google, but we make up for it with quality products every time! No competitor stands up to our quality of materials, sewing or finish - and we stand by that! Oh, and we're working on the tech side!

This assault on truly Australian Made products isn't limited to pet bedding, it's every where that you look! So for you, and for us, we need to constantly be on the lookout for truly Australian Made products. Follow businesses, check out their social media and look for behind the scenes. This isn't something we think will ever go away, but if we're all more educated we can stop being lied to by not supporting these types of businesses!

Whilst we are accredited by the Australian Made Campaign, and it's a good place to start, there are a lot of cracks in the verification system. We know, we've been through it and we've seen countless businesses verified that shouldn't be. So still, check out their socials, ask where their covers are sewn...

If you love Australian Made, you can still find it - sometimes you just need to look a bit harder!

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