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September 23, 2021 2 min read

Does My Dog Need A Slow Feeder?

The answer to that question depends on your pooch but it probably does lean towards yes! Slow feeder mats and bowls work for most dogs and most dog's can benefit from them!

Why and what benefits?

Health risks reduced!

Slow feeders, by nature and name, increase the time it takes to consume food and many dogs love to wolf down their meals in record time, like they're racing an Olympian! This can lead to all sorts of complications from choking to bloat, so slow feeding for most dogs has a real and measurable benefit.

When your dog wolf's down their food, they usually digest a substantial amount of air along with the food. The best scenario is that it'll come out from the bottom as a doggy fart, the worst case is that your dog has a play and the stomach flips over to cause a gastric dilation and volvulus. This is extremely concerning and life threatening, slow feeding seems like a great idea now!

Stimulation of the mind

 Dogs are like us, they need stimulation. The process of carefully licking and getting food out of small spaces, nooks and crannies helps stimulate your dog's mind. It's not as simple and easy as just eating from a metal or ceramic bowl, your doggo has to work for it! Tricky slow feeder mats like the eMat Jigsaw is perfect for those supaw intelligent doggo's!

Increased endorphins & calming

Who doesn't want to be happy? Much like exercise for humans, licking for dog's helps release endorphins and quite literally makes them happier! If that's now a reason to slow feed, we don't know what is! The Pink Jigsaw

A Healthier gut

The act of licking promotes the creation of saliva which then aids better gut health. The more licking, the better!

In summary? We recommend eMat enrichment mats for all pooches, big, small, young or old!

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