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March 23, 2021 2 min read

Treats are a part of life, for humans and dogs alike! We all like to be treated and our fur babies really are no different! They're just mini-me's with fur, a wagging tail and a good nose!

Just like with human treats...there are all different types on the market and it's important to check what's in your doggo's treats! We don't mean to alarm...but there really are minimal restrictions in what can be sold in pet food, there are no regulations or limits...it's bizarre but a sad reality! Self regulation at it's finest...

So where to from there...you probably don't want to be feeding your doggo the equivalent of a burger, chips and soft drink every day but that is a reality with most pet foods and treats - they're processed so far from what they initially were!

Our tips...

Look for a short ingredient list. Sound simple? It really is. The less ingredients in a product the closer to its natural form it is...which means it's less processed, contains less additives and likely has a denser nutritional value.

Avoid being a scientist. If you virtually need a science degree to read what is in your dog's treats or food...then that's a solid indication that it is processed well beyond what a dog would ever choose to eat in it's own environment...and dog's have been around millions of years doing quite well!

Shop Australian & New Zealand made pet treats. This one isn't just about being patriotic - it's about protecting your pooch! We spoke above about how little regulation there is and how self regulation is the norm...that is not much exception to that overseas! Overall in Australia we feel that companies that make here have higher standards...and we have seen shocking photos and stories of treats originating from Asia and South America (which is where the bulk of pet treats come from)...and these would be enough to scare even the strongest bellied person...

Buying Australian / New Zealand made means that you have peace of mind for where the raw product is coming from - and that you can get in touch if something should go wrong!

Treating your dog is literally a necessity...and you should be able to do it guilt free! There's hundreds of brands out there selling pet treats and choosing wisely is so important. Check out Lulu's Kitchen - where all treats are single ingredient (zero nasties) and meat comes from local Aussie farms!

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