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March 23, 2021 2 min read

Who Are We...? Our First Blog...

We wanted to start fresh with our blog, it's something we had done a little here and there of with other things constantly pulling us in different directions! Even just now writing this blog we've been interrupted a few times....ha!


We are a family owned and operated company that designs & manufactures in Australia and imports from the USA. To us, fur babies always come first. We know a lot of companies and businesses say this...and in our experience very few mean it.

Our business exists wholly because of our English Springer Spaniel Lulu who was a very cheeky and destructive puppy! The business started because she wrecked an expensive dog bed...

In hindsight that bed was made in Asia with very poor materials and the person that sold us the bed at the big box chain store really had no care in the world about educating us about the right bed, how to introduce the bed or what was best for our girl. We were only a number to them. A sale. Yes that's how business operates fundamentally...but there is so much more to business than just a sale - at least to us.

The first thing that we did was to design and make the TuffMat!...Josh our Chief Design Officer has a Trade Qualification in Motor Trimming and has worked in the textile industry for almost 20 years. The TuffMat! worked well for our girl and we worked with her to ensure she knew it was a bed, not a play toy...though some days watching her on camera remotely from work I would shudder seeing her drag it all over the backyard for the perfect sun baking spot!

Soon after friends and family wanted a TuffMat! for their dog...and their friends heard about it and they wanted...thus the snowball effect began. We then began attending markets, started a Facebook page and off we went...!

The business has now grown to employ 4 of us Full Time - and the beauty of it is we STILL manufacture our beds here - and we're committed to never offshoring them! It literally means we continue to manage the quality of our products!

Additionally over the year we've added exciting new products, such as our hollistically healthy treat range Lulu's Kitchen, Personalised Collars and the Sodapup & American Dog Toy ranges.

We will continue to expand our business - and always put fur babies first. We'll never forget why we started this business...and Lulu comes with us every day to work to make sure we can't forget!

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