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March 23, 2021 1 min read

Slow feeding? The emat has arrived and we love it!

Firstly you're probably thinking...what is an emat? It stands for Enrichment Mat.

Continuing on from our last blog about using SodaPup Dog Toys for slow feeding...the emat is another fantastic option for your fur baby!

The emat is designed for soft foods like many of those mentioned in our enrichment article but this mat really focuses on slow feeding for raw feeders and calming for dogs. Did you know for example that licking releases endorphins which help calm dogs in stressful situations? If you've thought about why your dog licks feet - it's often because they are calming themselves down!

The emat is a lick mat is made of TPR rubber and is BPA free (all the good, but important stuff). It has deep grooves which ensure maximum spread and hold of food - doubling as a slow feeder agent and a calming agent whilst your dog licks for their food!

The amount of recipes and mixtures you could come up with for the emat really is limitless...there's just so many different dog safe foods that make incredible mixtures!

Here is a mixture of greek yogurt, organic honey, lamb liver and Salmon Sprinkles!

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