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April 16, 2021 2 min read

Raw Feeding - does it sound scary?...

Raw Feeding is a modern day term for a millennia of how dog's ate naturally in the wild (or as close to as possible). Raw feeding isn't scary, its really just trying to mimic how dog's ate in their natural environments!

There is such a huge wealth of knowledge around what to feed your fur baby - really, you can google "dry dog food benefits" or "raw feeding benefits"and there will be so much information that comes up, a plethora of pages offering all different types of information. To an extent, they're all correct! There are definitely some benefits to each way of feeding - but it's about weighing up what is most beneficial to your fur baby.

We at Rover distribute Raw4Paws - a premium Raw dog food made in Brisbane, snap frozen and sent down to us - locking in all the goodness of fresh meat, veggies and probiotics.

Raw feeding usually means ground up food, almost minced - so the one drawback is that this type of food doesn't naturally clean a dog's teeth - so plaque can build up! For our own dog, we simply give her Bones and this sorts it out.

There are some dry foods which are superior to others - and we're not strictly against dry feeding. Some dry food is packed full of nutrients and the proteins that many dog's need...however we recommend only feeding dry / biscuit if you need to. If you take the time to read the ingredients list of many premium dry foods...you'll see just how many fancy words are on the ingredients list instead of food names...this level of highly processed food certainly wasn't around for the millenia of dog evolution - and their stomachs haven't developed like human stomach's have to be able to consume and break down many foods.

This lack of being able to break down dry food for some dogs is why they always seem hungry..!

All in all - regardless of what you're feeding your fur baby, you should read the ingredients list. Know what's in the food. Ask the manufacturer / supplier if you're unsure! With two companies owning 90% of dry dog foods - you should be able to get a pretty consistent reply...

Here at Rover - we just want every fur baby to be healthy. To live a long, happy and safe life!

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