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October 31, 2021 1 min read

A question that we get asked frequently! Is Shark good for my dog? The short and long answer is, YES!

Yes, we know your dog in previous lifetimes was not seeking Shark from the ocean and for the most part we only recommend foods that dog's ate naturally in the wild, but some seafood's make a great exception.

Why YES?

The Shark we use in our treats is Blacktip, this is the most important factor for initial thought! The average Blacktip lifespan is 12, whereas most sharks live at least double this, with some breeds living to 70+ years. This is important due to the low levels of mercury absorbed by Blacktip Sharks during their lifetime, making it not only a palatable treat but also a healthy and safe one too!

Benefits of your dog eating Shark:

There is a fairly lengthy list of benefits for your dog eating shark treats, mostly these can be condensed to these:

- High in Omega 3's - great for the coat, inflammation joints, skin...basically anti-ageing

- Mega low in calories! Dog's do need to diet too, sometimes. And Shark is extremely lean overall!

- Great chews - most Shark treats like our Shark Skin and Shark Cartilage make perfect chews for your dog's teeth!

- High in Chondroitin, a building block of cartilage. Consuming this helps reduce joint pain, stiffness and can assist with osteoarthritis!

- High in Calcium, yes, it's good for your dog's bones!

In summary, YES, go for that Shark Treat!

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