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January 15, 2024 2 min read

What's a red flag?

A red flag is something we should actively try to avoid...they're often bad for us, and red flags in dog treats are no exception.

Can't read the label?

Let's start here. If there is so much technical jargon on the label that it's difficult to understand in simple English, then it's probably full of chemicals, sweeteners, sugars, salts, acids and so, so much more. Can't read it? Don't buy it, that's our advice.

Made overseas?

Avoid. Put simply, Australia has the best meat in the world. If it's coming in from overseas, there are little to no quality controls. It also means it's irradiated meat. Humans can't eat irradiated meat, so why give that to your doggo?


Dogs have not developed to processed complex sugars or carbs, over-processed dog food might look cute, but it's certainly not great for their gut or their health!


Yuck. Disgusting. Avoid at all costs. Rawhide is the worst of the worst, it's bleached, it's laden with chemicals and deserves an individual call out! It always pops up in cheap stores in December for Christmas.

Mixed protein treats

Dog treats should be made with high quality meat - and you should be able to work out easily what that meat is. Many companies will mix proteins in treats and not give you the % breakdown of the animal, nor the part of the animal. This will often mean they're using the cheapest cuts, the grinds and pieces that are not fit for human consumption...that mentality doesn't sit well with us, and it shouldn't with you too.

These are five red flags for dog treats that you really should avoid!

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