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June 21, 2022 1 min read 2 Comments

800 + 5 Star Personalised Collar Reviews

That's worth celebrating, right?

We make a lot of custom dog collars and leads. That is not an over-statement. Though from our statistics, only about 1% of people will come back and leave a review - so we hustle hard for them! And we thank you for your review! If for some reason our product didn't make 5 stars for you, we also want to know! You'll probably find out pretty quickly we're very fast at replying, via message on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or via email!

So what sets our personalised collars and leads apart from the competition? Well, as it stands, quite a bit it seems!

- We proudly manufacture in Australia - a huge point of difference!

- We ship our collars and leads FAST!

- There's hundreds of colour combo's

- We make multiple ranges!

2 Responses

Jennifer Tually
Jennifer Tually

June 07, 2024

Disappointed with the personalised collar by Rover Pet Products. When adjusted, the buckle partially covers the phone number. I expected better from a product in this price range. The pictures of the collars on the website don’t show the phone numbers or buckle, proving this is a known issue. When contacted I was advised “anyone who finds your dog can simply move the adjuster to see any number that may be partially obscured”. I would not recommend Rover Pet Products personalised collars ☹️

Jen Davis
Jen Davis

July 14, 2022

Just received BJ’s new collar 😀 Fantastic quick service, great quality & an awesome looking product. Very happy customer here 😀

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