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Healthy Crocodile Tail Dog Treats - 100% Aussie

Crocodile is a novel protein and Crocodile Tails are an absolute delicacy for dogs, just wait til you see your dog chomping on one! This delicious dog treat is great for dogs that have allergies as it's a hypo-allergic treat. Just ask our Lulu, it's super tasty!

If you dog has allergies, Crocodile is by far one of the best novel proteins that they can have as a snack!

Crocodile Tails come in a 2 pack and are approximately 20cm each in length. They may seem a little expensive but they are our most labour intensive treat, being slow-dried for 6 days in small batches. Pricing is kept as low as possible.


100% Aussie Crocodile


Our treats come in a 100% Australian Made and printed bag, an industry first!

2 Pack

Product Source:

Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Crocodile