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Ya Crockn' Me?

Healthy Crocodile Leg Bone Dog Treats - 100% Aussie

Crocodile Leg Bones are a healthy chew for your pooch! They've got some meat on them and the Crocodile Marrow inside the bone is super high value. It's packed full of good fats and is very tasty! Just ask your dog!

Supervise, as always

Just as with any bone based dog treat, please monitor your dog as if they break a piece off they could either chew it down to nothing or swallow it, so supervise and stop your dog swallowing large pieces. It is common sense, but we like to remind people.


All of our Crocodile Treats range is hypoallergenic. This means our range is great for dogs that suffer common allergies, like being allergic to Chicken, Beef and other common proteins.


100% Aussie Crocodile


Our treats come in a 100% Australian Made and printed bag, an industry first!

200g per pack!

Product Source:

Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Crocodile