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Make It Snappy - Crocodile Jerky

Healthy Lean Crocodile Jerky Dog Treats

Your dog will love the all new Crocodile Jerky from us at Rover Pet Products. Incredibly high value, our Crocodile Jerky will make your dog drool.

Incredibly rich in vitamins and we would class it as a superfood meat. Low in calorie, high in vitamins, low in bad fats. Known to have anti-inflammatory properties, to assist in blood circulation and help cure asthma and coughing - it's a delicious and perfect treat for our fur babies.

The perfect training treat

Our Crocodile Jerky is the perfect lean, incredibly high value training treat. We are told, and this is verbatim, that our Crocodile Jerky is like "co#aine for dogs".Personally we haven't had either, but we've seen the huge drive our own dog has for our now infamous Crocodile Jerky!

Size: 100g


We are waiting on our normal style packaging to be completed. Our treats come in a 100% Australian Made and printed bag, an industry first!

Product Source:

Made from 100% Aussie Crocodile!