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Dog Shaped Marrow Chews - Healthy Chews For Dogs


Dog Shapes Marrows are humungous, over 2.2x larger than our Large Marrow on Average. We have only made 10 of each, in 6 flavours. First in best-dressed. These will sell out.

Given their substantial size (and cost), we would recommend giving them over several days. Each one takes over 1litre of raw marrow to make!

We've only made these in 6 flavours:

Goats Milk, Chicken & Parsley, Maple Bacon, Beef (plain), Peanut Butter and Beef Liver.

Why give Bone Marrow to your dogs?

- Boosts the immune system - makes your dog healthier

- Supports Joint function and decreases joint inflammation

- Builds stem cells - helps repair the body

Marrow Chews come in five fantastic flavours and two sizes.

How they're made:

Our healthy Bone Marrow Chews are made in a proprietary process which takes over 6 weeks. It involves both heating and cooling of the marrow, separating and removing almost all of the fat and leaving the incredibly healthy marrow which is set, without chemicals or fillers. This is an in-depth process and is protected by patent.


100% Australian Beef Bone Marrow + .5-3% of the ingredient(s) listed in the name.


Packed individually. Grab as many as you like!

ONE SIZE - XXL - Approximately 2.2x the size of Large

Product Source:

Beef Marrows - manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Beef Bone Marrow.

Pork Marrows - manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Pork Bone Marrow.