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Healthy Crocodile Feet & Leg Dog Treats - 100% Aussie

A twist on our incredibly popular Got Crocs Crocodile Feet, CROC'S LOOSE are Croc Feet with the leg attached. More meat, more bone and more taste. These are dehydrated and are great chews, they are not cooked.

Another great option for Crocodile treat lovers, they're low in fat, high in nutrition and bound to be a delicacy you need to add to your treat mix!

Always monitor your pooch!

Even though we know our girl is fine with bones, we always monitor her. Please supervise your dog as if they break a piece off they could either chew it down to nothing or swallow it, so supervise and discourage swallowing large pieces. It is common sense, but we like to remind people.


100% Aussie Crocodile


Our treats come in a 100% Australian Made and printed bag, an industry first!

2 per pack!

Product Source:

Manufactured in Australia using 100% Australian Crocodile