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Which personalised dog collar is right for my dog

The Rover Pet Products Australia has a variety of embroidered dog collars options when it comes to personalised dog collars. We have collars that are suited for small dogs and large dogs, as well as collars that are made out of different types of material.

Best personalised collar for most dogs 

Original dog collars

Our Originals collar is the most popular choice for most dogs because it's made with high-quality Australian-sourced materials and is built to last. It also comes in a range of colors so you can match it to your pup's style.

 We know that every dog has their own personality, and we want to make sure you can express yours through your collar as well! So we've also got a range of extras like name tags and engraved identification numbers so you can make sure everyone knows who owns this adorable puppy

Best personalised collar for outdoor dogs

Camouflage dog collars

Camouflage collar is made from high strength nylon webbing, with a Camouflage Cordura material layered on top. This makes them super sturdy and durable, so they can withstand all of the outdoor adventures your pup has in store!

 We also offer our customers the option to personalise their items by adding their pets name and/or phone number onto them so that they will be easily identifiable if they should ever get lost while out on an adventure with their owners! This ensures that they will always be able to get back home safely! Our personalised collars help to keep your dogs safe!

Best personalised dog collar for water dogs? 

Aqua Dog Collars 

With our Aqua Dog collar, you can rest assured that your pet will be comfortable and safe in the water. The strong and soft material is perfect for any kind of activity, whether it's swimming or just walking around on land. Plus, we've got a Marine Grade stainless steel D Ring (all stainless is not made equal) - no rusting EVER! We guarantee it! Each pet collar includes name & number (you can add extra). Each Lead includes one name! If your dog spends time at the beach or river and is a water dog, this is the collar for them.

How tight should a dog collar be 

The correct fit for a dog collar is where the collar is not too tight around the neck and not too loose. If you can easily slip two fingers between your dog's neck and the collar, then it is probably too loose. If you cannot move your finger between the collar and your dog's neck, then it may be too tight.

The best way to tell if a collar is correctly sized for your dog is to use a measuring tape or string to measure from one end of the buckle to where it sits on your dog's neck. The measurement should be about an inch longer than your dog's neck.

You can also check with your veterinarian or a pet supply store for advice on how much room you should allow in each direction when sizing your dog's collar.