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Australia's only heavy duty & therapeutic/ orthopaedic outdoor dog bed with a Five Year Comfort Guarantee.

Designed for all breeds & ages this bed has a therapeutic foam filling for the support of muscles and joints. It's waterproof and is perfect for incontinent, messy and mud-loving dogs. The TuffMat! is fully sealed & has rounded corners to mitigate chewing. Simply hose to clean! TuffMat! key features:

  • Fully covered & sealed in our high denier, rip-resistant material. Perfect for ripping/ scratching/  tearing behaviours. We recommend introducing slowly to chewing dogs.
  • Australia's only outdoor therapeutic bed. Absorbs & relieves the pressure of your dog's joints and muscles whilst offering support, allowing your dog to relax. Puppy Sleep Cell has been developed for all dogs - young, middle aged and elderly dogs. Perfect for those that are arthritic, injured or frail.
  • Orthopaedic bed supporting the joints, skeletal frame and body. Beds filled with Dacron do not provide this type of support and sink.
  • Australia's first Five Year Comfort Guarantee. Our therapeutic foam won't flatten under even the heaviest of dogs, but will absorb pressure and contour (not stay rigid). Our foam is designed for small and large breeds. This makes the cost of an XL only $42 per year.
  • NEVER needs re-stuffing or 'fluffing'.
  • Rounded corners mitigate chewing. Whilst not chew-proof, this makes the TuffMat! less appealing to chewing dogs.
  • Double-stitched exterior, making the TuffMat! even stronger for destructive dogs.
  • NO zips or Velcro. These are a weakness & there is no need to open the TuffMat!
  • Waterproof. Hose your TuffMat! to clean - it's that easy.
  • Australian made foam, it's rot-resistant, mould-resistant and anti-microbial. Fleas and germs can't live in our beds.
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty on our workmanship. This does not extend to dog destruction.
  • Australian made in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
  • TuffMat! is 100% non-toxic.
  • FREE SHIPPING to 95% of the country

We handmake all of our bedding. Presently, our wait time is 13-16 business days on some colour variations. We're proud to handmake all of our bedding!

Small - 71cm x 45cm x 8cm

Medium - 87cm x 60cm x 8cm

Large - 103cm x 73cm x 10cm       

Extra Large - 123cm x 85cm x 10cm

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We've conducted significant research and development into the design of our TuffMat!, and as every dog is different we do not offer a guarantee that the TuffMat! is indestructible.  The TuffMat! is designed for ripping and tearing behaviours, not chewing behaviours. We don't recommend the TuffMat! for chewing dogs. If your dog is a chewer and you'd like them to have a comfortable supportive bed, we recommend introducing the TuffMat! slowly, as a reward and paired with our durable toy range.

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