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Nose to Tail Methodology

Eat everything, eat less animals

The title says it all. We here at Rover Pet Products are animal lovers and believe that our dogs need to eat meat. That doesn't mean we can't make a conscious decision to eat less animals and utilise every part of an animal to make an overall improved outcome for the environment. We will use Chicken Dog Treats as an example, but this extends to each and every dog treat offering we have.

What if all dog treats were Chicken Breast?

Most humans minds rush to chicken breast or chicken thigh when we think of eating chicken. Can you imagine if only the chicken breast and thigh were ever eaten / utilised?

Let's do the math:

1 Chicken Breast is 174g (2 Breasts per Chicken = 348g)

1 Chicken Thigh is 90g (2 Thighs per Chicken = 180g)

Total: 528g

1 entire Chicken weighs approximately 3.5kg (3,500g).

If we only utilised the "good" part of the chicken, this represents a usage of 15%. By utilising the feet, neck, wings, frame (I hope you're understanding my point now), the amount of "waste" is substantially less. This means that overall, less chickens need to be slaughtered. This does mean a better world overall.

Are there benefits to eating the lot?

We can't stress enough that there are huge benefits involved in eating the different parts of the chicken. A dog in the wild would not just eat chicken breast or thigh - they will eat the entire animal, guts and all. And, they take nutrients from all of the different parts of the chicken, not just the protein from the breast / thigh. There are so many good nutrients, vitamins and minerals in different parts of the chicken - eating them is a healthier way of living.

Don't be shy from getting your dog a Chicken Foot or Chicken Wing, because believe us, spreading out your dog's treats has a better physical and health outcome for them whilst reducing our overall impact on farming.

Healthy Chicken Dog Treats Made From Whole Chicken