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Most Popular Dog Names of 2022

Most Popular Dog Names 2022

This is our inaugural list of most popular dog names - male and female! it's a bit funny when you're at the park with your dog and you hear someone yelling your dog's name out... it's most likely a coincidence! Many dog names are popular! It just means you both have good taste in names.


Each year we make ten's of thousands of personalised dog collars and ship them worldwide. Here are the most popular names of our customers dogs! You might be surprised, or might not be! It's also interesting to see trends occur in dog names. Most trends seem to follow TV Shows and movies!


TOP 10 Boy Dog Names of 2022  TOP 10 Girl Dog Names of 2022
1. Buddy 1. Bella
2. Teddy 2. Luna
3. Archie 3. Ruby
4. Bear 4. Nala
5. Leo 5. Koda
6. Kovu 6. Coco
7. Charlie 7. Rosie
8. Cooper 8. Lucy
9. Max 9. Macy
10. Rocky

10. Snow


With over 40,000 ID Collars and Leads made in 2022, we have a huge sample size to know which names are most popular!