TuffMat! Testimonials

The TuffMat! is Australia's best outdoor therapeutic dog bed. Designed for dogs of all ages, sizes and breed it's a waterproof, fully sealed & easy to clean option for dogs that love mud or may be a little elderly and have incontinence / other ailments. All pictures are our old style TuffMat!! We are in the process of updating our testimonials page. To view current testimonials please view our Facebook Page for visitor reviews / posts.

Buddy -

Our Buddy loves his new bed ? - Chris Bathurst

Areba & Diesel - Rhodesian x Ridgeback and Dogue De Bordeaux

Thank you so very much for these awesome beds. They LOVE them. And delivery was so quick. Huge beds but they still insist on snuggling together at one end. lol. They also loved the crazy ball - didn't want to give it back to me. Had to trade it for a stick. Areeba and Diesel are very happy. - Hayley Moya

Just to show you how filthy my guys get their outside bed (khaki) and how clean it comes up with little to no effort. I literally squirt a little DoTERRA on guard cleaning concentrate on - hose it down and scrub any particularly filthy bits, then rinse with hose and leave in the sun to drive. Love it. Thankyou. It's so easy to care for. They LOVE it. And with an incontinent dog it is a god send. - Hayley Moya

Archie - German Shephard
Today we received our TuffMat and our boy Archie loves it! Thank you Rover Pet Products - Jacinta Grolman

AMAZING!! First night with her TuffMat & Jellybean has surprised me to find her happily pride of place on her new bed & snoring peacefully ?
I am gobsmacked it was this easy, as she hasn't had her own bed for months due to her bad habit destroying them! She's as comfy as a 'Pug in a rug' ?
Daddy will be happy to hear we can get our bed back ??

Thankyou Rover Pet Products for your Australian ?? made product - Kelly Marsh

Babushka and Elliot

Babushka and Elliot enjoying their comfy new Tuff Mat! They look pretty stoked - Belinda Leigh

Daisy & Duke

Our Daisy and Duke enjoying their new bed, the XL tuff mat. One week down and they haven't chewed it to bits.. yet! Thank you ? - Caterina Jessica


George loves his new Tuff mat, must be comfortable, he hasn't moved since getting on it. Thanks for the personalised delivery - Arran Owen


Milos specially made XXL bed arrived via courier less than 5 minutes ago and although a little unsure of the new smell he has already made himself comfortable. Thankyou for making a product which is Australian made and toxic material free. From the Mumma of a large dog who after 5 years has found a bed that fits him, I hope I can finally have my bed to myself. Thanks again!!!!! - Kellie Anne

Beautiful White Haired Pointer


"I can't recommended the TuffMat any more! It's literally the only thing that has ever survived in my backyard. This terror has even eaten his way through a whole 3 seater wicker couch once before and the TuffMat goes untouched" - Bianca Piva

Abby says she loves her Tuff Mat, and enjoys surveying her kingdom from on high. She hasn't managed to so much as scratch it thus far, despite having tried! - Naomi Shaw


"One happy bully with his new bed" - Emma Cole

Boxers Olly & Skye

"We purchased our first Tuffmat yesterday at 1.20pm online. It was delivered at 7.30pm. Unbelievable service off a professional crew. This is an XL that will go into there kennel where they cuddle up. Two Large will be purchased to accommodate them inside. As soon as it went on the floor they where straight onto it and asleep. The quality is outstanding. Looking forward to getting the other two shortly. Thanks guys we appreciated the fantastic service and our Boxers Olley and Sky love there new bed?"

- Wayne Faulkner

Cleo & Rossi

"Hey guys... Just want to say a big thank-you for my kids new beds!!! The quality is 2nd to none!!! I will definitely be recommending you guys and the TuffMat!! P.s Cleo (Black & White) and Rossi (Brindle) say thankyou and TuffMats are PAWSOME!!! (They were both snoring within 5 mins of getting comfy)" - Kelly Lynch


"I suppose Tazer Likes His Tuffmat!!! Thanks guys! Awesome customer service!!!!" - Em Sabalburo Johns

Opie - Border Collie

"Thanks so much for our TuffMat, fantastic quality and wonderful service one happy puppy!" - Cinamin Mcgee

Lilly - Rhodesian Ridgeback

"Finally Lilly has a TuffMat! just like Phirun :)
In the 6months we have had her, she has chewed through so many beds I've lost count.
The TuffMat! is exactly that......Tuff!!!
So pleased they both can relax on comfortable and versatile beds....without us having a backyard full of foam snow" - Sheree Gray

Little Frenchy!

"Two months in...still going strong...

Awesome effort. 1 week down and the Tuffmatt has survived untouched. It's a first !!! Can't complain about this product so far (one week!)

Got our TuffMat yesterday and our little Frenchie loves it. She has a tendency to "go to town" on her beds so hopefully she won't rip this one to shreds  (one day)" - Adrian Marr

Skarla - Staff x Kelpie

"Look at My Girl modelling on her new (3 month old) bed!
I know I am biased, but I love her to bits!!
And I really do recommend the TuffMat! from Rover Pet Products, this is the first bed Skarla has not even tried to destroy! She is 7 1/2 now and it's a huge relief to finally find a bed that is comfy but still so durable!" - Sharon Stokes

Charlie and Dougie!

"Amazing product. This is the first bed my dog hasn't destroyed. Neally 2 weeks and still perfect so happy" -  Shelley Helena Grace

Axle - Great Dane x Mastiff


"I couldn't wait to try one of these tear free beds however my husband was reluctant as we have a Great Dane cross Mastiff that weighs around 70 odd kilo's and have been through beds, lounges and actual mattresses trying to find a comfortable big enough solution for him. We just didn't want to waste anymore money. When I found out ..... beds were well priced I thought it isn't a huge loss if he does rip through this as well! So we bought one. He jumped straight on it, perfect size and was comfortable. One week in and I could actually hear him at mid night trying to bust it open. I thought for sure in the morning it would be ripped to shreds! It is still intact, his favourite place to sleep and doesn't absorb or hold dirt or anything. We are so pleased with Axles new bed. I would honestly recommend this brand to anyone. I am very impressed and surprised! It is durable, generous in size, very well made, flea resistant and has not lost shaped with his weight. So worth the money" - Lenise Lawless

Tilly & Indy

 "My 2 year old cattle x lab will chew anything from socks to soccer balls to anything plastic on a tonka truck so dog beds have no chance! Since purchasing a TuffMat! she has not even tried to rip it up, the extra large is big enough for my 2 dogs to lay on & has plenty of good quality padding that hasn't flattened out at all! Love this bed!" - Kyra Elson

Bently & Grace - English Springer Spaniels

"As the Founder & Administrator of FB group English Springer Spaniels Australia & a long term owner/breeder of Springers, we have always struggled to find a bed for them that they can not destroy. We recently puchased a "TuffMat!" from Rover Pet Products & are thrilled with the quality of the product.

The service from Bryan & the team was exemplary & delivery was very prompt. Our whole experience with ROVER has been extremely positive & we would recommend them without hesitation" - Vicki Headley.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

"I would like to say the Rover Pet Products that we purchased from them, which we got 2 TuffMat! beds for our 2 dog's , which they both love to sleep on. Wish we knew about their products before, seeing we have spent a lot of money on other bed that just didn't last or ended up flattening after a short amount of time." - Donna Sandall


“We, including our dogs, love their beds. We have both a medium and a large, which are both very generous in size and love how the filling does not move and bunch in places and is continuing to stay plump and plush.

To our surprise, they have not tried to attempt to chew on their beds, due to the tough outer layer and being bigger dogs there is still no signs of typical wear and tear.

You can tell by the expression on their faces, that they are very comfortable and love going to bed! Thank you for a great quality pet product."

Ella -  Labrador

"Well it has almost been 2 months and Ella's TuffMat! is still going strong! Definitely the best product ever!!! Here is a photo, it needs a clean but my 4 year old insisted on a photo lol thanks so much for a great product!" - Sarah Roberts


One week in...

"One week ago today the dogs were given their TuffMat!. Their last beds lasted 1 minute (torn to shreds), the single bed inner spring HUMAN mattress lasted 4 days until it was unusable (both sides) Im happy to say the Tuffmat is still intact, no holes, scratch marks, not even a lick mark to show. Its definitely a new record for these two."

Two months in....

"The TuffMat! is still in one piece... not even a little hole to be seen. The last photo is remnants of other beds and blankets. This mat has 60kg of dogs on it and hasn't flattened." - Kathryn Lowe