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TuffMat! Testimonials

The tough outdoor TuffMat!

Below are customer reviews, predominently from our Facebook!

From the first message sent the team at Rover Pet Products they have been excellent in guiding me towards the best product for our dogs.
The delivery was quicker than expected and our dogs are loving the quality beds! definitely have our business for life - Alessandro Mattiolo

Lawrie -
Lawrie got her new TuffMat! for her birthday today! After we got her PlushMat! and realised how much she loves it, we had to get her one for outside! She loves her new Tuffmat! as well! - Dannielle Horwood
Great Danes
I purchased two custom size dog beds from Rover Pet Products recently and cannot praise them enough. They gave me a good price on the massive beds including freight and even helped me out with options after one of my dogs passed away whilst the beds were being made. The customer service is exceptional, I highly recommend purchasing from Rover Pet Products. - Kristyn Anne

Gus - Rottweiler
Gus testing out his new TuffMat! Snoozing quite happily now! - Tony Chenery
Enjoying her TuffMat! - Charlie Trinder
Raplh & Penny - Groodles
Ralph and Penny are happy to get their new tuff matts delivered tonight , Ralph isn't sure which one to lay on though 😂 #tuffmuttsrule - Michelle Friend
Roo - Dane x Ridge
I got the TuffMat for my Dane x Ridge a few months ago and it has been wonders for her bad knees. Today she had the first of 2 fairly major orthopaedic surgeries and as a vet nurse myself I had total peace of mind knowing she could rely on your product while she recovers- I wouldn't trust any other brand! Feel free to share this thank you so much!! - Bella Jaye