VIP's - these are first come first served! Huge discounts, 40% off!

What do we have? Bags of treats that are a complete mix of all of our different treats, from Shark Cartilage, Liver's, Goat Jerky, Mantis Shrimp and so much bag is exactly the same - and there's lots more than just these! The topper superfood mixes are huge quantities of all of our toppers...blended!

Please note, this product is not for you if your dog has an allergy to any protein we stock as they are mixed.

5 x 600g super treato bags - $60 each

4 x 1kg meal topper super mixes - $90

1 x 1.1kg meal topper super mixes - $95

1 x 1.2 meal topper super mixes - $100