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Summer Toy Packs
Summer Toy Packs
Summer Toy Packs
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Summer Toy Packs


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Summer is JUST around the corner. So we're putting together two Summer Toy Packs! The Air Pack & the Military Pack!

It's important your dog gets the exercise they need - and our ultra-durable toys are here to help!

The Air Pack includes - Training Dummy, Magnum Bottle Top Flyer,  Crazy Bounce & Rocket Pop. RRP $107.80 - toy pack Price $84.95!

Training Dummy

  • Durable Large Can Toy with Squeaker and rope attachment
  • Floats - making the Training Dummy the perfect water-retrieval toy
  • Durable cylindrical shape design
  • For the toughest chewers
  • Excellent for behavioural training
  • Bright orange - hard to lose in lakes, rivers, dams etc
  • Play with your dog in every environment!

The bright Orange Can Toy floats and is difficult to lose.

10.9cm tall and 6.3cm wide and weighs 243grams. 

Magnum Bottle Top Flyer

  • Great for frisbee games - flies with an easy flick of the hand!
  • Ihe shape of a soft drink pop top with thick inner line for catching / general play
  • Magnum is for the most aggressive dog.
  • Denser / heavier than competitors frisbees - ours is stronger!
  • Easy for dogs to pick up & won’t hurt your dogs teeth and gums if caught in flight.

The Magnum Bottle Top Flyer is made from Puppyprene 3.0, a specially compounded all natural rubber with additional additives to maximise durability without compromising chewiness. PuppyPrene 3.0 is sustainable, non-toxic and biodegradable.

For dogs 15kg+ (24.7cm diameter)

Crazy Bounce
  • Solid ball of natural rubber with six durable points
  • Designed for chewing and fetching for the strongest of chewers
  • The 6 Pointed shape causes an erratic bounce - making it exciting for your dog to watch & chase
  • Fun, funky & Neon Green!
  • Ultra durable solid proprietary rubber
  • Many competitor products are "hollowed" to reduce costs
  • For medium - extra large dogs

Rocket Pop

The Rocket Pop is a durable multi-purpose toy.

  • Dispenses treats / food through small hole motivating chewing of the toy
  • Rope for easy fetch / retrieval games. Swing by rope to gain maximum distance
  • Ridges of toy cleans your dog's teeth
  • Fun interactive toy for dog's that get bored easily

15cm long and 5.7cm wide.

The Military Pack includes - Cherry Bomb, Shotgun Shell,  & Fire Cracker Training Dummy. RRP $77.85 - toy pack Price $66.95!

Cherry Bomb

The Cherry Bomb is an enrichment Toy, Food Dispenser and fetch & retrieval toy!

  • Versatile dog toy that will keep your dog entertained for hours.
  • Fill large interior cavity with food and treats. 
  • Swing toy by rope to gain maximum distance with fetch.
  • Slow down your dog's eating by stuffing toy with food.
  • Tug toy for human/dog or dog/dog interaction.


Large - 3" Diameter, 5.9 oz. for dogs 30-65 LBS/15-30 KG

Firecracker Training Dummy

The Firecracker Training Dummy is a training toy which can be used for water & land retrieval.

  • Durable cylindrical shape.
  • Interior foam to ensure flotation of toy - this makes it difficult to lose.
  • Shape is excellent for smaller dogs.
  • Swing toy by rope to gain maximum distance with fetch.
  • Tug toy for human/dog or dog/dog interaction.

Large - 5.5” tall, 2.13” wide, 8 oz. for dogs 5-30 KG

Shotgun Shell

The Shot Gun Shell is an enrichment toy!

  • Use as a fetch & retriever, chew or food dispenser.
  • Fill large interior cavity with food and treats to keep your dog entertained.
  • Great for large and small dogs.
  • This toy's long cylindrical shape makes it a challenge for even bigger dogs with long tongues to get food out!


Large -  5.5” tall, 2.13” wide, 8 oz. for dogs 30-65 LBS/15-30 KG

All toys are biodegradable, sustainable and non-toxic. All food enrichment / treat dispenser toys can be placed in the dishwasher.