PlushMat! Plus Testimonials

The PlushMat! Plus is Australia's best therapeutic dog bed. It's a multi-layered thermal memory foam bed that responds to the pressure put on it. One side heats, one side cools. Everyone agrees - this bed is better than 99% of human beds. It's 100% memory foam & 100% luxury.

Tazer - Staffy
My much awaited bed has arrived! I absolutely love my Plushmat Plus bed!!! The size is perfect for the Spoilt Staffy and the design is pure quality!  It's so comfortable (yes! My humans tested it as well!)  But most of all you go above and beyond for your customers!  Thankyou once again Rover Pet Products!!  Quality product & great service!!! ️ Tazer - Em

Loki - Wolfhound
Just got Loki's bed delivered today and we are both so happy with it!!!!
As he's a wolfhound (and pushing 60-70 kgs) I was a little worried about the size. Rover Pet Products were fantastic about getting back to me regarding the size and bed recommendations. We went with their suggestion of the PlushMat! plus and couldn't be happier. We've been through a lot of bed bed options (including a crib mattress) but Loki's never really been a fan of them and preferred his blanket nest on the floor within seconds of opening the plushmat he was in it and didn't want to get off!! - Kate Gray
Alfie bruiser & mahlo
Alfie bruiser & mahlo absolutely love their bed. Can’t thank you guys enough. Such excellent quality and value for money, I might even sleep on it! - Bree Lauren
"What's not to love about this bed?" - Rayleen Briggs

Boo - Staffy

Boo loves her new bed!! Think I may sleep with her tonight! - Emma Roache