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Car Seat Belt Clip

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Aussie made & not drop-shipped from Asia! Super fast 1 business day turn around - have your personalised collar within days with express shipping!

Keep your dog safeand stylish when you travel with an embroidered car seat belt! More than 500 dogs are injured or killed in car accidents every year on Australian roads It's a horrible fact, but something we want to help STOP!Our car seat belts offer your dog protection in case of an accident. Our seatbelts work with safety seatbelts!

It's best practiceto have your dog restrained in your car - and it's safest for them and you. In many States and Territories, if a dog is loose and 'distracting you', you can be fined money & demerit points.

All of our seatbelts come with embroidery of your dogs name!  Colours match perfectly to our Originals Range!