Chewing Dogs - what can you do?

Chewing Dogs - what can you do?
Most dogs like to chew, there isn't anything wrong with that and it's normal. Re-directing their behaviour can help save your furniture and shoes! Here's a couple of reasons they chew:
Teething - dogs teethe are just like us, they get comfort and relief from chewing, particularly when their milk teeth fall out, replaced by adult teeth. This helps relieve the tenderness of their teeth / gums.
Instinct - dogs know their instincts. Some learn to chew because it's their instinct telling them that one day they'll need to forage for food, protect their family or themselves.
Relieve boredom - dogs get bored just like us, a lonely dog or one that gets bored easily will LOVE to chew!
Exercise - chewing is actually a great means of exercise. Humans go the gym and dogs chew!
Anxiety - Some dogs get anxiety, and chewing can help release this tension and anxiety.
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This is Lulu loving her Magnum Can Toy!

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