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Why personalised collars?

July 26, 2019

Personalised collars help fur babies get home SAFE - it's literally a reality of life. There are thousands of dogs lost EVERY single day - and we know it's important to our customers, the community and most importantly to our fur babies that we help them get home SAFELY!

We have a mega fast dispatch time - usually the SAME day as ordered. We manufacture here in the Hunter Valley, NSW - NOT in Asia. We know that with other companies you can wait MONTHS - with us you'll usually have your collar in your hand within a matter of days (depending on the postal services!).

Our collars are all high quality, with the main focus of the collar to be the simplest method to get fur babies home safe - as they include name and phone number. There is simply nothing else more distressing for a dog than being lost and away from their families - they often end up in a pound or similar, which can be more confronting.

With our collars, the FIRST person who finds them can use the phone to call YOU - and get them home safely!